13th Birthday Party Theme

by Anonymous

Q: I'm turning 13 and I don't have a theme!

My birthday is in a couple months but I need to have a theme for the party. Boys and girls will be attending.

A: Have a fun Rock Star Party! Set up your party area like a concert with lights, music and a dance floor. If any of your friends play in a band, have them play a few songs. Set out some bowls of chips or other munchies and get some soda. Maybe order some pizza. You can even set up a Karaoke machine and let you and your friends sing. Hang posters of your favorite Rockers. For a game play Human Knot. This is fun to play and watch. Or you could play Rock Band or guitar hero.

There is also a great list of party themes on our Teen Party Page

Hope you have a great party. Be sure to come back and
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