60th Birthday Party for a man

Q: I want to have a special (unique) 60th birthday party for my husband. The ages attending will be from 2 years old to 80's. The party can be geared to adults but kid friendly. Are there game ideas that can be placed around the room (ex: guess the number of jelly beans in the jar)? Also food and theme ideas? I appreciate any ideas.

A: Being the age range varies from 2 to 80, I have TWO ideas.

1, a fun theme for everyone to enjoy would be a Luau Party Theme or an indoor Beach Party! Both are fun to decorate for, fun for everyone to dress up and there are lots of fun theme related games to play.

The second idea will only work if your husband likes golf and that would be a Golf theme. You could set up a little mini putt golf course and decorate with Golf Party Supplies There's some more fun decorations HERE including this fun Golf Ball Candle!
If you're creative, make a golf green cake!

Your Candy Count Game is a great idea. Maybe have two jars. One for the kids and one for the adults. (for the golf theme use golf balls) Here a lots of more game ideas:

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