Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo Party Host your very own Mexican victory with a Cinco de Mayo Party. This is a great party that is celebrated on May 5th, but you can yell ‘Ole and celebrate at any time of the year. Invite all your Buenos Amigos (Good Friends) and have a fantastic Latin fiesta.

Cinco de Mayo Party Supplies
Cinco de Mayo Decorations

  • Fiesta Party Decorations
  • Use a bright and fun colour theme with lots of red, green and white
  • Hang lots of streamers, balloons, and piñatas
  • Large vibrant flowers you can hang on the wall
  • Large colourful bowls for all the food
  • Bright red or green tablecloth
  • Chilly pepper lights

Cinco de Mayo Theme
Party Games and Activities

  • Play upbeat, fun Mexican music, Mariachi bands and/or salsa
  • Upon guests arrival offer each woman a flower to wear in her hair
  • Mexican Hat Dance. Form a circle and call one persons name and they dance in the middle until another name is called.
  • Salsa dance
Some games for the young at heart
  • C-I-N-C-O Kids could play a version of Bingo (use pictures of hot peppers, sombrero, etc.). Easy to make.
  • How Many Beans Guess how many beans are in a glass jar to win a prize
  • Bean Toss Cut a person out of wood with holes through the hat, hands. This can make a simple bean bag toss.
  • Jalapeño Race Hop with a blow up hot pepper or stuffed hot pepper between your legs.
  • More Fun Party Games

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Food

  • Fresh fruit juice
  • Sangria
  • Margaritas (orange flavoured liquor and lime juice)
  • Tequila (with lemon and salt) Have a variety for a tequila tasting party
  • Salsa and chips
  • Guacamole
  • Fruit kebobs. Prepare before hand on extra long sticks and they will look like a floral arrangement
  • Tacos. Use wicker baskets and clay pots for all the toppings

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Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

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