Hawaiian Party Ideas

by Bonnie

Q: I am in charge of a staff luncheon and I thought it would be fun to have a Hawaiian theme to help us forget the snow for a while. What kind of food should I serve? Do you have any suggestions for decorations? Thanks!

A: That's a great idea! Nothing makes you forget the cold weather better then getting dressed up in a Hawaiian shirt or Hawaiian grass skirt, putting on a lei and listening to some Luau Party Music!

For starters be sure to have enough Lei's for everyone to wear. That is an Hawaiian Party staple. You can also ask your guests to wear a Hawaiian shirt or the ladies can wear grass skirts. I would get some Inflatable Palm Trees, decorate your luncheon table with a Fish Net and on your buffet table in between your dishes, put some Mini Star Fish or other sea shells. You can also find some more online Hawaiian party supplies Here! Or, most items can also be found at your local dollar outlets.

For food ideas, things like shrimp cocktail, calamari and other seafood items are always a hit. If you can, barbeque some chicken kabobs. Make some tropical fruit trays or fruit kabobs with pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, banana chunks, mangos, cherries, water melon and grapes.

Make some tropical fruit punch. You can also add mini cherries or strawberries to ice cubes for something fun in your drink. Having drink umbrellas and fancy tooth picks will top it all off!

Have fun at your luncheon party!

Feel free to let us know how your party went and send us a picture!

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