How do I surprise my best dormitory friend?

by Joy
(United Kingdom )

Q: My friend's birthday is 5 days later than mine. She surprised me by gathering a group of friends and waited outside my door for 12am to come. Then they knocked on my door and sang me a birthday song.

I was thinking of a great way to surprise her for her birthday this Friday =)
Thanks in advance for your help!

A: You have a nice, sneaky friend but that sounded like fun and Happy Birthday to you! Your friend might also be “expecting” some kind of surprise from you, so you’ll have to be extra cautious on what you are planning! A few things to think about first: What time of day does she like best, what type of activities does she enjoy, and who would she like to celebrate her birthday with, etc.

Here’s a couple of ideas you could do to surprise her:

1) Decoration Surprise This is dependent on how well your friend sleeps. If she is a sound sleeper this would be hilarious. In the middle of the night decorate her bedroom. Use lots of balloons and streamers. It would also be great if you could get a life size cut out of her favorite movie star or singer. Add a speech bubble coming out of the person wishing them a happy birthday. They will wake up with a smile and ready for a great birthday breakfast.

This would also work by wishing her a Happy Birthday in the morning like it’s just a regular day, but then try and keep her occupied for a few hours with your other friends while you go crazy on her room and decorate with balloons and streamers and Happy Birthday Banners. She’ll be surprised when she returns to her newly renovated room!

2) High Tech. Memories Surprise If you are good with computers you could make a DVD of your times together. First thing you need to do is pick a theme (e.g., growing up, college days, parties, times with friends, travel, etc.). Gather as many photos as possible by asking friends and family. Scan or download the photos onto your computer and in your movie maker combine their favorite songs with their photos. This is great to show at a party and a wonderful keepsake.

3) Surprise Destination Email your friends and have them think of their favorite activities to do with your
friend. Then get together before hand to make a card (have the friends bring a picture of them with the birthday girl / boy. On the outside of the card post the pictures with a scrap booking theme, mount the pictures and add some sticker, etc. On the inside make little envelops (like a child’s flip book). Insert clues of the different destinations that the group will take your friend (just like a scavenger hunt). This is a great keepsake and will make a day full of surprises.

4) Daytime Outing Take your friend on an outing like to the beach or a picnic. Where ever you end up make sure you pack lots of fun drinks and munchies; large blanket; any necessary clothing; etc. After you get there have other friends happen to bump into you creating a fun daytime party.

5) Adventure Tell your friend that you are taking them out for lunch (for example). Pick them up in a sports car that you have rented for the day. This is a fun way to travel and get out of town. From there you can go anywhere (e.g., skydiving, rent skidoos, get a tattoo, something out of the ordinary).

6) Breakfast Surprise Instead of a Midnight wake-up call which you so nicely received, turn her surprise into a Breakfast In Bed Surprise Party. Invite your friends over for an early morning breakfast at around 6-7am in their PAJAMAS! Give someone the key and arrange for all her favorite breakfast foods to be on the menu.

7) Birthday Card Surprise Make a really large but fun Birthday Card. Secretly for the next few days, get everyone you know to sign it with a little “Happy Birthday” message. When you give her the card on her birthday she will definitely be surprised and she’ll have that card forever with fond memories.

There's also a few more ideas on our Surprise Party Page.

I hope you had a great birthday and your friend has a fantastic surprise!

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