Sweet 16 for the boarder?

by Maddy

Q: I'm turning 16 in a few months and I go to boarding school. The problem is my previous school was a boarding school in another state and I also have friends at home. So basically I want friends from all over to come and I don't know how to accommodate them all. My auntie said she'd rent me a house but I think that's a bit too much. What do I do?

A: First, Happy Sweet 16 Maddy! It sounds like you have lots of friends that you want to come to your party, which is great! Your Auntie gave you a generous offer, but I would have to agree that renting a house is a bit much, but it's a great idea if you want people to spend the night! Another idea is renting hall, a party room in a restaurant or a few hotel rooms. That way the event can be catered, and you can still decorate the room or hall or hotel room. A hall is also good if you have friends that play in a band that want to play a few songs, or if you want to play some music for dancing. Here are a few party games you and your friends could play depending on what you guys are into.

Take lots of pictures or make a video for a great memory. Also have a book for your friends to sign.

Hope this helps and good luck with your party!

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