The Best Party For a 9 yr Old Girl

by Brenna

Q: Hi! My Parents don't know what to do for my party this year. So I was wondering if you could help me. I've got some suggestions: Lindale farm, camping, go to the lake, at a pool, go bowling or golf. Those are some, so please reply as soon as possible. Thanks!

A: It sounds like you would like to do something fun for your party, and not have it at home.

Lindale Kids Farm at, looks like a great place to have your party! They have a fun Play Area, a fun Petting Zoo and a perfect party room for food, drinks and cake.

I think you and your friends would have fun!

You can also find some more ideas on our Girl Party Ideas page. Once you've decided, be sure to send out your invitations telling your friends where your party is. The Lindale Farm Web site has some free invitations you can download. Tell your guests how to dress, and how long the party will last.

I hope you have fun with whatever you decide, Happy Birthday and thanks for asking your question!

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