The Mysterious Ice Cream

by My Sweet Party Game!

Objective: Try to be the first one to get the bubble gum out of the ice cream and then the first to blow the biggest bubble while being blindfolded!

# of players: 3 or more

Materials: bowls of ice cream, bubble gum, blindfolds

Rules: Give every player a bowl of ice cream with a hidden piece of gum inside. (big enough not to choke on!) While finding the gum, you must be blindfolded, but you can only use your mouth! This game is a real party hit! Everyone will love it! Its a game where everyone has a part to play! So grab your blindfolds and get started with one of the most fun party games you could ever enjoy at your famous party or get together!

Disclaimer: Please use caution with all party games. This game may pose a choking hazard.

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