Toy Story Invitations

Q: I'm having a party for my son who is turning 1. The theme is toy story; I'd like to do the invitations as an admission ticket. I've seen a couple I liked but I can't find any place where I can order them only I can only find templates to buy and print myself, I don't know if I should trust websites like these?

A: There are things I always check on a website to find out credibility. I look for an "About this site" page as well as a contact form. You can also look for a Copyright © sign and the age of the site. There are a lot of good and reliable websites out there, but yes it's true, it's always good to check who is really "running" the site and if the links on it are not going to give your computer a virus.

Here are a few items we found for you:

Hope this helps give you a few ideas! Have a great party! ... be sure to come back and Tell us all about it!

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