Toy Story Party Games

"Andy loves these Toy Story Party Games!"

  • Woody’s Round Up Go on a search and rescue scavenger hunt. Help Sheriff Woody, the cowboy, find his friends and keep them safe from Sid (the boy next door). Create little playing cards before hand of the toys that the guests need to find.
  • Pin the Badge on Woody Game Like pin the tail on the donkey
  • Andy’s Musical Toys Play like musical chairs and play the Toy Story Soundtrack.
  • Buzz’s Infinity and Beyond Create a rocket and set it off – hopefully it will fly!
  • Hot Mr. Potato Head Play hot potato with a Mr. Potato Head.
  • Rex and Slinky Cookies Create, decorate, cook and eat dinosaur, dog and bone cookies.
  • Hamm’s Décor Get a Piggy Bank for each of the guests and let them decorate them with craft paint and jewels.
  • Bo Peep’s Bingo Create bingo sheets using stickers of the Toy Story characters.
  • Sketch’s Charades Have your guests act out the different characters (pre-make charade cards using the Toy Story stickers).
  • Hannah’s Tea Party Have a tea party with your guests (great for cake time).
  • Watch one or more of the Toy Story Movies!