10th Birthday Party Ideas

10th Birthday Party Ideas to help celebrate Double Digits! Turning ten is a BIG deal! You’re no longer a single digit, and you’re becoming more responsible! Have fun celebrating your 10th birthday!

10th Birthday Party Ideas
Birthday Theme Ideas

  • Have Hawaiian or Luau Party! Have everyone come dressed in Hawaiian shirts or fun grass skirts.

  • Invite guests to a Pool Party! If you do not own a pool, or it is winter, go swimming at a hotel, YMCA, or other community indoor pool.

  • Go to a bowling alley and have a Bowling Party! Save yourself the effort of entertaining and clean-up and get a birthday package which includes a few games of bowling and a party room. Some alleys also offer food!

  • Other party themes:
    • Transformers party
    • Spongebob party
    • Pirate theme party
    • Disneys Cars Movie party
    • Star Wars theme party
    • Make your own t-shirt with a Tie dye party!
    • Have a Western or Cowboy theme party. You could even go horse back riding.

  • Have a sleepover! Rent a room or two in a hotel or have a sleepover at your house! At night, have a movie marathon and watch some favorites or an entire movie series. Have all the kids bring their sleeping bags for a campout! If your able, have a real campout outside with tents. This is a lot fun.

  • Have a movie night (with lots of popcorn) or go to the theatre to watch a movie on the big screen. Or have a movie under the stars with an outdoor movie night.

  • Visit your local zoo or aquarium.

10th birthday party ideas for girls:
  • Host a tea party

  • Go to a real spa or have a hairstyling competition at home! Supply the girls with barrettes, glittery hair pins, ribbons and fun hair clips.

  • Have a Hannah Montana Party or American Idol theme party and get a karaoke machine for everyone to sing their hearts out!

10th Birthday Party Ideas for boys (or girls)
  • Is the birthday boy or girl into sports? Have a sports theme with their favorite sport or team like football, hockey or basketball. Get tickets and go see a game!
  • Play Laser Tag
  • Go to a water park
  • Go ice skating
  • Go go-carting
  • Go to a batting cage
  • Play paint ball
  • Get out your change and have an Arcade party!
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  • 10th Birthday Party Ideas
    10th Party Food

    • Reserve a table at your favourite restaurant and a lunch or dinner. Some ideas would be Chuck E Cheese, McDonalds, Dave and Busters or Pizza Hut.

    • For an at home pizza party, order out and have it delivered, cook your own, or have the kids make their own pizza! This is also a great activity.

    • Chicken fingers and fries, BBQ hotdogs or hamburgers

    • Chips and dip and bowls of popcorn for snacks.

    • Decorate your own cupcakes

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    10th Birthday Party Ideas
    10th Birthday Games

    • Water balloon toss
    • Mummy wrap
    • Hula hoop challenge
    • Rent a Bouncy castle
    • Hang a Piñata
    • Have a Scavenger hunt at the mall
    • Play some board games
    • Play Twister
    • Play guitar hero
    • Have a Wii Party or Playstation Party
    • Have a dance party with glow sticks
    • Water balloon toss
    • Egg on spoon race
    • Hang doughnuts on a string from a tree and have players try and eat them without using their hands
    • Water gun fight
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