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Whether your planning an intimate party with a few friends, or inviting the whole neighbourhood over for a kids birthday, you’ll need some fun things to do to keep everyone entertained!

Ice breakers like "Candy Count" -where people guess how many candies are in the jar, are perfect way to start your party off and make your guest feel relaxed. After all of your guests have arived, play a fun group game or some triva. Or get outside and have some fun!

Be sure that all of your guests feel comfortable particapating. Some will prefer to watch. Perfect! They have just been chosen as the photographer!

Also having some fun rewards or prizes is another way to motivate the guests.

Our game guide has been divided in to categories to help you find that perfect game! We want to know what fun games you play at your parties! Feel free to share Your Fun Party Games with us and others!

Fun Kids Games

Cool Teen Games

Tasteful Adult Games

Printable Birthday Games

Exciting Outdoor Games

Entertaining Holiday Games

Bridal Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

100's of Themed Pinatas

Party Activities

We hope this fun list of games helps you and your guests have a great time having fun together! We've love to know your favorite games! Please take a moment and share yours in the form below:

What's Your Favourite Party Game?

Do you have a great party game that was a hit at your party or someone else's? Share it with others, and let them have fun too!

Other Visitors Party Games

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Donut On A String 
Get a few donuts and tie them on a string. After you have done that, tie them to a clothes line or somewhere up high and get the kids to line up under …

Question and Answer Party Game Not rated yet
This is a really fun Question and Answer Party Game! Give every player a piece of paper and a pen. Choose a fun topic for the questions to be. Then have …

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