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Whether your planning an intimate gathering with a few friends, or inviting the whole neighborhood over for a kids birthday, you’ll need some fun things to do to keep everyone entertained. Keeping your guests entertained is key to any perfect party.

When you start brainstorming a party set your main essentials; for instance, when and what types of food you will be serving and present time. Simple, then work our and fill the time with entertainment. What are the age of the guests and how long with an activity hold their attention? are all questions that I think about when planning. I often also will plan a couple of extra activities for just in case. In case your guests love your activities and move through them quicker than you had anticipated or you decide to change the mood. 

People love to be entertained and will be thrilled to play along with the right incentives like a prize for the winning team. Little prizes are a great motivation for participation and fun competition.

Ice breakers like "Candy Count" is where people guess how many candies are in the jar. There are many perfect way to start your party off and make your guest feel relaxed. After all of your guests have arrived, play a fun group game or some trivia. If the weather is nice, get outside and have some fun!

Be sure that all of your guests feel comfortable participating. Some will prefer to watch, make that work for your advantage. It's perfect! They have just been chosen as special helper aka the photographer for the activity.

Our game guide has been divided in to categories to help you find that perfect game! We would also love to hear want other fun games you play at your parties! Feel free to share Your Fun Party Games with us and others!

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