Perfect Party Games Ideas

At any party you want to make sure that your guests are having the best time ever. Party games ideas, activities and food along with your decorations make your party memorable. 

One essential thing is to have the best event games and activities.  Below you can find games divided by category that you can look through to help find the ones that best suit your guests abilities that will also coordinate well with your personal party theme. Within each section, you will find the games sorted in alphabetical order for your convenience. 

Top Party Games Categories

Once you have figured out what parties and activities you want to use at your party, I would suggest selecting a handful of extra game and activity ideas. More often your guests will be so excited and engaged that the games and activities go quicker than anticipated. If I’m thinking that I want six activities at my gatherings then often I will have at least ten ideas ready to go, with two non prep activities that I can grab on the fly.

Now that you have an idea of the games and activities that you wish to play at your party, I suggest making a materials list of all the necessary items. Then once you have your items you can start organizing the activities. I often try to purchase everything as soon as possible. This helps to spread out the cost of the party. Then I try to have all the games and activities organized at least a week in advance. I will often organize all the materials and list the games in tubs that are easy to grab and go during the party. This way it also gives you a great visual to see if you have all the necessary items beforehand. This also gives you that last week to do all the last minute food and decorating preparations.

Down below I tried to list the games that are in each category. This way if you have seen a game that you are interested in and have forgotten which category it is in, it will help you to find the area to look into. 

As always, best of luck, have fun both organizing and playing all of these wonderful games at your upcoming celebration. 

Balloon Games: Balloon Animals, Balloon Challenge, Balloon Darts, Balloon Hockey, Balloon Keep Up, Balloon Over Under Game, Balloon Pinata, Balloon Race, Balloon Sandwich Race, Balloon Server, Balloon Shaver, Balloon Stomper, Balloon Tennis, Balloon Volleyball, and Glowing Balloons.

Classic Party Games: Broken Telephone, Charades, Dodgeball, Egg Toss, Memory Game, Musical Chairs, Truth or Dare, Piggy Back Race, Pin the Tail, Prize or Surprise, Shoe Toss, Three Legged Race, Tug of War, and Twister.

Country Fair Games: Ball in a Basket, Ducks in a Row, Face Painting, Fish Bowl, Giant Jenga, Gone Fishing, Guessing Booth, Hole in One, Hula Throw, Knock Down, Petting Zoo, Potato Sack Race, Ring Toss, Three Legged Race, Train Ride, Tug of War, and Wheelbarrow Race.

Food Party Games: Candy Count, Cookie Face, Dangling Donuts and Apples, Lifesavers, Marshmallow Toss, Pie Eating Contest, The Mysterious Ice-Cream, Toppling Tower, Party Sucker, Pretzel Straw Race, Rice Clips, and Taste Buds.

Minute to Win it Games: Apple Tower, Balancing Dice, Ball Drop, Balloon Holding Contest, Bottle to Bottle, Bubble Blowing Contest, Chandelier, Chopstick Cheerios, Cookie Stack, Cotton What, Cup Stacking, Elephant Trunk, Hex Tower, Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Toss, Junk in the Trunk, Move it Up, Ninja Stars, Party Sucker, Penny Tower, Ping Pong Battle, Ping Pong Roll, Ping Pong Toss, Rice Clips, Snowman Stack, Spoon it Up, Tissue Pull, Up and Away, Water Pong, and Wrap Me Up.

Racing Party Games: Balloon Sandwich Race, Banana Pants, Black Out, Butter Fingers, Clothes Peg Race, Clothes Peg Relay, Dizzy Lizzy Race, Egg and Spoon Race, Elephant Race, Frozen Caveman Tag, Ghosties, Moon Walk, Musical Gift, Oranges are Red, Three Legged Race, Toilet Roll Mummy, Tower of Power, and Wheelbarrow Race.

Scavenger Hunt Party Games: Burglar Alarm Game (also known as Time Bomb), Capture the Flag, Ring Toss, Lost & Found, and Scavenger Hunt (with numerous ideas).

Team Building Games: Aura, Bigfoot, Can You Draw What I See?, Deserted Island, Find Someone Who, Group Timeline, Hello Amazing People, Human Knot, Lost and Found, Small Group Scavenger Hunt, The Web we Weave Together, Three Truths and a Lie, and Who am I?

Water Party Games: Beach Ball Lift, Cup to Cup, Drip Drip Drop, Musical Water Chairs, Over Under, Ping Pong Water Hunt, Pool Defender, Toe Fishing, Slip and Slide, Splashing Buckets, SpongeBob Race, Sponge Tossing, Water Balloon Fight, Water Balloon Toss, Water Balloon Dodgeball, Water Gun Fight, Water Balloon Hot Potato, Water Limbo, Water Balloon Parachute, and Water Balloon Pinata.