Girly Girl Theme Parties

Do you have a little princess who wants a Girly Girl theme party? Why not make her dreams come true and have a party that only girls know how to do. Turn your house into a castle or spa. Have a royal ball for your princess and her friends. Throw a craft party and make some jewellery like beaded necklaces or bracelets. Paint faces or give make-overs.

Top Girly Girl Theme Parties

Tangled Party
Abby Cadabby Party
Abby Cadabby
Finding Nemo Party
Finding Nemo
Care Bears Party
Care Bears
Mickey Mouse Party
Mickey Mouse
Winnie The Pooh Party
Winnie The Pooh
Barney Party
Jungle Party
Jungle Party
Bowling Party
Bowling Party
High School Musical 
Backyardigans Party
Dora The Explorer Party
Tea Party
Tea Party
Hannah Montana Party
Hannah Montana
Pool Party
Pool Party
Outdoor Movie Party
Outdoor Movie
Luau Party
Luau Party
Hello Kitty Party
Hello Kitty
Beach Party
Beach Party
Happy Feet Party
Happy Feet
Little House On The Prairie Party
Little House
Barbie Party
Camp Rock Party
Camp Rock
Disney Princess Party
Disney Princess
Ariel Party
Ariel Party
Princess Party
Princess Party
Jonas Brothers Party
Jonas Brothers
Bratz Party
Bratz Party
Tinkerbell Party
Tinkerbell Party
Lizzie Mcguire Party
Lizzie Mcguire
Shrek Party
Shrek Party
Clifford Party
Clifford Party
Strawberry Shortcake Party
Straberry Party
The Wiggles Party
The Wiggles
Sesame Street Party
Sesame Street
Scooby Doo Party
Scooby Doo
Cat in the Hat Party
Cat/Hat Party
Minnie Mouse Party
Minnie Mouse
Princess And The Frog Party
Princess and the Frog
My Little Pony Party
My Little Pony
Toy Story Party
Toy Story
Ni Hao Kai-Lan Party
Ni Hao Kai-Lan
Circus Party
Circus Party
Ladybug Party
Ladybug Party
Alice in Wonderland Party
Alice in Wonderland
Butterfly Party
Butterfly Party
Beatrix Potter Party
Beatrix Potter
Max and Ruby Party
Max and Ruby

More Fun Girl Parties

Spa Party/Makeover Party - Girly Girl Theme

Book some time at a spa and have you and your friends get your nails, hair or make up done at the same time. Afterwards, go out on the town and show off your new look. This may cost you a few, but lots of fun and great for girl bonding. On the other hand, you can turn your house into a Spa. Set up stations for nails, hair, make up, facials etc. Play some relaxing spa music, light some scented candles and serve some fun drinks in champagne flutes. Take some glamour shots and a group photo to send home with your guests.

Girly Girl Theme Slumber Party

Having a sleep over with your friends is tons of fun. Invite your guests to bring or wear their pyjamas and bring their pillows. Have some of your favourite snacks, watch some movies and play a few fun games.
Truth or Dare: You choose to tell the truth, or to do a dare. Your friends decide what question to ask or what dare to do!
Spin the bottle: Depending on who is at your party you can choose different tasks to perform for this game. Have everyone sit in a circle. One player spins the bottle. The person the bottle points to after it stops spinning will do what was decided. For this game, I’m not going to give any suggestions, you can figure it out!
The Story Continues: You'll need a note pad and pen. The first person writes the first sentence in the story. Past the pen and pad and have the next person write the next line. Keep passing it around until your story is finished. Read it! and Laugh!

Cooking Party - Girly Girl Theme

Invite your guests over to help you prepare a meal or to bake some treats. You can have a decorating your own cookie party. Or, make and decorate some cupcakes with rose shaped icing. You can also organize a cookie swap party where everyone brings one or two dozen of their favourite cookies. Divide all the cookies up and everyone goes home with some of every kind! This also works great for squares or other treats for around the holidays.

Dress up Princess Party

Send out some butterfly invitations and invite your fellow princesses come dressed in their favourite princess ball gown, equipped with their tiara and slippers for a royal ball. Play classical music like Tchaikovsky or Mozart and have the girls practice their ballet. Have a Mirror Mirror on the wall. Rent an inflatable bouncy castle and decorate with Pink balloons, streamers and bouquets of flowers. This party can also be a Pretty in Pink Party where everyone dresses in pink and all your decorations are pink. Play some fun princess party games.
Find The Pea Game: Place a pea or marble under one of three pillows. Have the girls try and guess which pillow it is under by sitting on it or lying their head on it.
Glass slipper toss
Candy Guess
Hide a glass slipper and have a Treasure hunt
Put together a Princess puzzle race
This party can turn into a:

Girly Girl Theme Craft Party

Make your own jewellery. Buy some beads and other jewels, string and claps and make your own necklaces or friendship bracelets. You also decorate and make your own tiara for your princess party. Use pink glitter glue, stickers, feathers, jewels and any thing else you have. Another fun craft is first build a puppet theatre. You can make one out of and old big box by breaking it open and cutting a hole in one side. Have fun and decorate. Use grey duct tape to make it look like bricks for your castle. You can also build some towers. Then have all your guests make their own puppets for a puppet show. This is lots of fun. If you first pick a theme or story like Cinderella or another fairy tale you can make your puppets to match the characters in the story. You can use brown lunch bags, popsicle sticks, old socks or whatever you can think of. Have your video camera ready to capture the performance.

Chocolate Party

The name of this theme party explains it all. Everything to do at this party revolves around chocolate. Be creative. You can have a chocolate fondue. Or chocolate cake and ice cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles and the list continues! And of course lots of other chocolate treats for you and your guests to enjoy!

Face Painting

Face Painting

Hire a face painter to come to your house and transform you and your friends into whatever they what! Princess, Fairy, butterfly, or any other animal. If you are a little artistic, you can buy at home do it yourself face painting kits and attempt it your self!

Girly Girl Theme Favours

  • Glow bracelets
  • Stickers
  • Colouring Book with crayons
  • Tiara
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Hair Elastics
  • Nail Polish
  • Ear rings
  • Lip Stick
  • Music CD
  • Candy necklaces
  • Candy rings

Share your Girly Girl Theme Ideas!

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