Character Theme Party
Character Birthday Parties

By making your next kids party a Character Theme Party, their favorite character or cartoon will come to life! They will be surrounded by decorations that will make them and their friends smile and remember. Not only that, but it changes the atmosphere and makes it fun for everyone!

These are the most popular character birthday parties in our house. I hope you enjoy and your kids have fun!

Top Character Brithday Parties

Abby Cadabby Party
Abby Cadabby
Finding Nemo Party
Finding Nemo
Care Bears Party
Care Bears
Mickey Mouse Party
Mickey Mouse
Diego Party
Backyardigans Party
Winnie The Pooh Party
Winnie The Pooh
Thomas The Train Party
Ben 10 Party
Ben 10
Dora The Explorer Party
Hello Kitty Party
Hello Kitty
Happy Feet Party
Happy Feet
Elmo Party
Barney Party
Blues Clues Party
Blues Clues
Clifford Party
Clifford Party
Cat in the Hat Party
Cat/Hat Party
Sesame Street Party
Sesame Street
Minnie Mouse Party
Minnie Mouse
Toy Story Party
Toy Story
Curious George
Curious George
Wubbzy Party
Wubbzy Party
Disney Cars Party
Cars Party
Littlest Pet Shop Party
Littlest Pet Shop
Wonder Pets Party
Wonder Pets
Max and Ruby Party
Max and Ruby
Beatrix Potter Party
Beatrix Potter

Are You Living Your Dreams?

Share your Character Theme Party Ideas!

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