Sports Party Ideas

Your party crowd will love these Sports Party Ideas! 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate at these cool sports parties. Sports are such a big part of all of our lives, it just makes sense to start planning parties around your true love.

Whether it is a general sports party, a sports birthday party or if your party is to gather some team building strength, we hope you enjoy the many ideas below.


Sports Party Decorations

  • Get a life size cut out of your favourite sports player.
  • Hang sports party lights. You can get them to match individual sports and sometimes they can match a specific professional sports team.
  • Hang sports posters and sports goods (e.g., sports shirts, balls, sticks, etc.) Especially display anything signed.

Sports Party Invitations

If you are considering a sports party theme, consider making homemade party invitations.

  • Take a photo of your little tyke in their sports gear. Play around with the colour on your computer and set the colours to being your themed colours for your sports team.
  • Cut out a ball shape and decorate the ball lines with marker then highlight with glitter glue.

Sports Party Activities

Get you favourite ball (e.g., baseball) and have all your guests sign the ball as a sports momentous of the party. Sign the ball with a permanent pen or marker (Sharpie markers and pens are fantastic).

Sports Party Games

Let's see how sporty you really are:

  • For the Active Crowd: Host a relay race, a scavenger hunt, an obstacle course, play the Wii Sports round robin, play a variety of sports.
  • For the Sports Fan: Host a friendly sports pool for the sporting event, toonie toss (try to get a coin to land on a certain point), drinking games, etc.
  • For Young Sports Fans: Face painting

Sports Party Food

Stadium Food: hot dogs and hamburgers dressed to the nines, wings, pizza, nuts, popcorn, cotton candy.

Stadium Drinks: Sports drinks, Beer, Slushy Blender Drinks Sports

Cakes: Create a cake to feature your favourite sport.