Perfect Birthday Party Ideas

"Perfect Birthday Party Ideas are the best way to make that birthday boy or girl feel special! Whatever the age!"

At our house, we always start with a birthday party theme. A Luau, 50's & 60's or a murder mystery party are great excuses for getting dressed up and to have fun decorating. Not only are theme parties cool, but decorating can be half the fun!

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There is no such thing as "over doing it". Balloons, banners, streamers, hats, plates and napkins are just a few ways to tie your theme and all your birthday party ideas together. Be sure to dress up your invitation to match your theme.

Birthday Party Games

Birthday Party Games are a fun way to get everyone involved! Making sure the birthday boy or girl has fun is one battle, the second is keeping the other kids or adults entertained! Nobody will admit it, but once the party's shakin' everyone loves a game of charades. If it's not that kind of crowd, break out the Wii or Guitar Hero.

Birthday Party Food

party food

As for the party food, if it's not a dinner party, stick to finger food. Why? You can make it ahead of time, there's little to no dishes, and you don't have to worry about hosting a big meal! Save that for your Christmas party. Set out a few of your favourite snacks and let everyone help themselves ... just leave room for the cake!

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More Birthday Party Ideas

Be a responsible host. If everyone is drinking, taking the keys at the beginning of the party is a lot easier then at the end. There are lots of options these days for rides home. Do a little research and make sure they're available. A little effort goes a long way!

Having a little party favor for everyone to remember the night is nice way to say thank you for coming and for the gift if they brought one. If you have one of those picture printers, take a group shot earlier in the evening and secretly print them out. In a nice frame this makes an inexpensive, but classy gift.

If you're planning your own party, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Fun And Fabulous Birthday Party Ideas
Whether you're looking for great theme birthday party ideas, a few ice breaker games, or ideas for costumes, decorations, party food, cakes, or favors, Birthday-Party-Ideas-101 is a fantastic resource filled with themes for all ages.

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