18th Birthday Party Ideas

Paint the town red...with all your sensational 18th birthday party ideas. Can you believe that you are finally turning 18. Party on, spoil yourself... you deserve it. Happy 18th birthday.

18th Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

For a fantastic invitation send out a text message a couple of days before. This way there won't be too many extra guests showing up (especially if the party is at your house). If the party is a little more elaborate (e.g., going on a trip) send out hand made invitations earlier so everyone has time to pack and get excited. Text message reminders are great (always go to remind people to think of you especially when presents are involved).

18th Birthday Party decoration Ideas
18th Birthday Party Ideas

Really your decorations need to suit your party and theme involved. From our teen / adult theme pages you can get to a more detailed party with ideas for the decorations.

18th Birthday Party Activities and Games
18th Birthday Party Ideas

Decide a theme to your party. There are many ideas for at home or you can go out. Some of the most important things to consider is having great music, and rock on!

  • rent a hotel room or summer house (have friends chip in for the cost)

  • for a tame party, go to the movies, have a pizza party, go out to your favourite restaurant, museum, etc.

  • for a sporty party, play paint ball, extreme bowling, go swimming, go to a sporting event, etc.

  • for a relaxing party, hit the spa, you deserve it!

  • for an adventure, rent a limo and have a scavenger hunt! Go to an amusement park, consider going on a trip out of country (being legal age is great for a birthday)

  • for a party, go to a concert, hit some clubs, host a music video party

18th Birthday Party Food Ideas
18 Birthday Party Ideas

I love to keep things simple as possible when throwing a party. Consider serving your favourite foods buffet style. The other thing to consider is to contact your favourite restaurant. Most restaurants will let you create buffet style take out. Yummy and easy!

18th Birthday Party Favour Ideas

  • shot glasses
  • martini glasses filled with candy
  • cards and poker chips
  • dice game

Add Your 18th Birthday Party Ideas, Stories And Party Pictures Here!

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