65th Birthday Party Ideas

A 65th Birthday is reason to celebrate! You were welcomed into the world in 1956. There been a lot of changes in the world to get you to your 65th! It means a beginning to your new life, retirement, and the satisfaction of knowing that you made it! Be proud … and have a fabulous 65th Party!

65th Party Invitations

To make your own invitations find a favorite photo of the guest of honor. You can scan it into a computer and change the colour to a black and white or sapient color. Create a postcard looking invitation with all the birthday information on the back.
Another fantastic idea is to rent a restaurant! It is already decorated, the food will be fantastic and there is not set up or clean up involved! Create a slideshow presention of a timeline of the life of the guest of honor.

For great theme ideas, see our adult party page here

65th Gift Ideas

  • Framed newspaper from 1956
  • Coins from 1956
  • Fun slogan t-shirt or mug
  • Rent a favourite exotic sports car / boat for the day
  • Spa gift certificate
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Tickets to a show, sporting event, etc.
  • Weekend Retreat! This would be a great surprise if the guest oh honor does not know where they are going!
  • A Cruise!