80th Birthday Party Ideas &
80th Birthday Gift Ideas

80th Birthday Party Ideas

Have fun celebrating turning 80 with our 80th Birthday Party Ideas. An 80th birthday should be 80 times better then the 1st! Enjoy this great list of 80th birthday gift ideas for men and women and 80th birthday party games for the young at heart!

80th Birthday Gift Ideas

  • A relaxing afternoon at the spa receiving a manicure and or a pedicure
  • A digital photo frame is a nice gift with some family photos already to be displayed.
  • Get a nice bottle of wine or their favorite beverage
  • A book or audio book of thier favorite story or from their favorite author
  • A box of fancy chocolates or candy!
  • A nice gift basket
  • Make a scrap book with lots of family pictures and paper clippings
  • Have a slide show. You can make one on your computer and rent a projector to show it. Add music to make it special.
  • Have friends and family participate in a tree planting ceremony.
  • Make reservations and go to their favorite resturant
  • If you have a musical family, play some old favorites and have a sing song and dance. Get the kids involved
  • Make a personalized birthday card/or guest book and have everyone sign it with a personal message
  • Get together with others and get treat them to a ride on a Hot Air Balloon!
  • Have a family reuion and pay for a photographer to take a family photo.

80th Birthday Party Games

The guest of honour will have fun with these Printable Party Games

Been There Done That Adult Birthday Game

Picnic Party Games

Printable Picnic Games for Adults Pack

Add Your 80th Birthday Party Ideas, Stories And Party Pictures Here!

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