Abby Cadabby Party Ideas

Abyy Cadabby Party Let Abby Cadabby light up your party with her love of magic. Your Abby Cadabby party will be a hit with little girls of all ages. This newest character on Sesame Street, “fairy in training” will love using her magical wand to cast spells creating the most special Abby Cadabby party for your special little girl. As Abby herself would say “That’s so magic!” Let's get ready for your “Abby Cadabby Birthday Party!"

Abby Cadabby Invitations

  • Create your own invitations using cut out stars and lots of glitter
  • Write "Come and share the Magic of _____'s Birthday" or,
  • “Be a fairy in training” this is the event that kids will love to attend
  • Glitter and star shapes are always fun on the inside of envelops for the little ones receiving the invitation
  • Don't forget Abby Cadabby Thank you cards. It teaches your little one great manners and their guests will love getting this follow up letter remembering this wonderful “fairy in training” event.

Abby Cadabby Party Supplies
and Abby Cadabby Decorations

  • Colours pink lavender and light blue
  • Wrap your paintings with Abby Cadabby wrapping paper
  • Abby Cadabby head bopper
  • Noise makers
  • Lots of balloons! Tie them to the backs of chairs or hang from lights
  • Hang Abby Cadabby Balloons
  • Hang a Abby Cadabby Birthday Banner
  • Streamers (I like to put them in the bathroom door to make it a fun event for little excited people)
  • Candy Pink streamer
  • Hang Bermuda Blue Streamers
  • Large flowers on the wall (Paint on large butcher paper or cardboard)
  • Hang alphabet letters
  • Abby Cadabby and her Sesame Street friend storybooks, and plush toys are great decorations and gifts
  • Themed Sesame music

Abby Cadabby Party Games and Activities

  • Set up a craft area for guests make a fairy crown

  • Or, make fairy wings.(create you own using cardboard, spray paint, and everything glitter, or use these wings and have your guests add glue, glitter, and jewels)

  • After creating wings and wands they can go to fairy training, learn how to say 'Abara Cadabra' and 'Ala Kazam'. Everyone can make up their good spells and others can practice the sayings. Loads of laughs!

  • Pin the wand on Abby Cadabby (like pin the tail on the donkey). Use a poster of Abby Cadabby (or draw her on cardstock), also draw and cut out wands to stick on (use cardstock and two sided tape or sticky tack). For a craft decorate the wands first to distinguish child and wand and/or write their names on the wands. Blindfold or have child close eyes, spin and then they try to place the wand on Abby. The closest wand is the winner.

  • Abby Simon Says. Of course Abby would use her wand.

  • Face painting!

  • Musical Chairs. Use Sesame Street music or sing along DVDs
  • Watch an Abby Cadabby video

  • Printable Birthday Games

Abby Cadabby Birthday Party Food

  • Make all things easy and pink (food coloring can work wonders)
  • Fairy sandwiches made with regular bread, but cut out star shapes with a cookie cutter
  • Magic potion (drink) pink Kool-aide, peach or strawberry juice
  • Pink cupcakes (from food coloring) or white with pink sprinkle cake mix, with white or pink icing. Have the kids sprinkle their magical dust on top (sprinkles)
  • I always use a tiered cupcake holder and the top cupcake has the Abby Cadabby sculpted candle for the birthday girl.
  • Abby Cadabby Cake

Abby Cadabby Favours

Your magical guests should go home still having the magical feeling of the party with their Abby Cadabby party favors found in their Abby Cadabby loot bags. When handing out the loot bags hide them under a sheet, use a wand and say “Abby Cadabby” and reveal their loot bag and fairy in training certificate.

  • Use Abby Cadabby Loot Bags
  • Add homemade star sugar cookies
  • Glitter play dough
  • Princess Wand
  • Colouring book and crayons
  • Abby Cadabby Party blowers- (great time for these - when the guests leave!)

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