Amazing Race Party Ideas

"These Amazing Race Party Ideas are really Amazing!"

An Amazing Race Party can be a lot of fun for teens and adults alike! It’s the ultimate scavenger hunt mixed with physical activity, mental challenge, navigational skill and more! With proper planning, and a little creativity this party will truly be Amazing!

Amazing Race Party Ideas: Invitations

First off are the invitations to send to your guests. There are a few different ideas you could use:

  • Make your invitations from different post cards. This is great way to capture the “Around the world” theme of your party. Also, if you plan on pre-picking teams, send out the post cards accordingly. For example, who ever gets a card from Australia is on one team, and China another etc.
  • Another simple idea is to use luggage tags with all the party info written on them.
  • You can make up passports! This can be a little time consuming, but you can also use them as part of the game, where players have their passports “checked or stamped” at different check points.
  • Of course a natural invitation would be to make clue cards using the Amazing race logo. Not only will everyone definitely know what kind of party it is, but they will look very authentic!

Where To Host Your Amazing Race Theme Party

Next you have to choose what kind of Amazing Race Party you are going to have. You have to decide where you are going to have it. A few places you can hold your Amazing Race Birthday Party is at a Park, at the Mall, in your Neighbourhood, or around your town. You can also host this party around your own house. Or, a combination all everything! If you'r planning our party in your house you’ll need some Amazing Race Party Decorating Ideas!

Amazing Race Party Ideas: Decorating

Decorate your house, or party room with different maps from around the world. Set up luggage and large backpacks with stickers and logos or flags from different countries. Hang pictures and posters of famous land marks around the world from different cities or like the 7 wonders of the world. The Pyramids, the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls to name a few. Buy some Beach ball globes and hang them from the ceiling.

Amazing Race Party Ideas For Challenges,
Pit Stops, Detours and More

Next you must choose your pit stop clues, locations, challenges, detours and roadblock challenges.

This can be a lot of fun! But first if you haven’t already done so, you must pick teams for your race. Create teams from 2-4 people depending on how many guests you have invited. Have each team choose a fun name. You can draw names out of a hat, or hand out different coloured glow bracelets or bandanas and the players with the matching colors are on the same team.

Your game will differ depending on where you host your party. Be creative with your pit stops. If your going to a mall or around town, don’t’ be afraid to pre-ask business owners to help! Most will be happy to if you explain it’s for an Amazing Race Party. Simply give them envelopes to hand out as players reach that stop. Inside will be the next challenge. Decide also, who be the judge on challenges. You may need to have a few extra helpers for this party for that very reason. If your keeping your party more of a scavenger hunt, use your passports, and have the business owners sign them or stamp them. Or, use cameras to take pictures of different items on a list.

Here’s a few ideas for challenges, detours or roadblocks:

  • Using oven mitts, have players put on an extra set of clothes, run to a point and back and then remove the clothes. Using Aplha-Bits cereal, spell your name or a phrase. (Make sure the correct letters are in the bowl ahead of time)
  • Make a card tower using playing cards
  • Make a paper airplane that must fly over a certain distance
  • Make a tower out of plastic cups
  • Using Lego, make the exact item on display
  • Blow up 5 balloons, run across the room and pop them by sitting on them
  • Bounce a ping pong ball in a cup
  • Egg Roll - Use a pizza box as a fan to move the egg within a taped out square
  • Go to a store and buy items that start with a certain letter (this may require a little money)

Amazing Race Party Ideas For Food

For the party afterwards, serve different types of food from all over the world like Mexican, Chinese, Tai, Italian or your favourite!