April Fools Day Pranks

April fools day has been around since 536 B.C. Since this time people have been playing April Fools Day Pranks on friends and family members. There is nothing better than having a little giggle, as long as it is harmless and you let the person in on the gag before it gets out of hand. Keep in mind the person that you are trying to trick and make sure they are the type of person that will also find these practical jokes amusing. Have fun with these April Fools Day Pranks!

April Fools Day Pranks at the Workplace

Homepage Switch When a co-worker is away from their computer change their homepage to something funny. It will be so hard for them to figure out who made the change.

Post-it note Prank There has never been a better use for post-it-notes… go to work early and place post-it-notes on other co-workers desks – write a note for them to see another co-worker e.g., Joe. Everyone will be going to see Joe to see what he wants.

Phone Tape Place tape over the phone switch … they will be so confused and not understand why their phone is not working.

Mouse Tape Place tape over the mouse laser. Then your co-workers mouse will not be working.

Car Crazy Place a car tattoo of a broken window or scratch on a co-workers car. Arrive at work after them and then give them the bad news of what you saw on your way in from the parking lot.

Caught Currency Super glue some coins to the ground and see how many people try to pick them up.

April Fools Day Pranks at Home

Musical Beds Have your kids fall asleep in their regular beds as usual. Set your alarm extra early and move them to their siblings beds (I would not do this move in the night if your kids are too young for bathroom reasons). They will all get a kick out of waking up in someone else’s bed.

Who are you? When your loved one is sleeping change their hair do, add make up and add a couple of temporary tattoos. See how long it takes them to notice that there is something different about themselves.

Nail Polish No No Days before dump nail polish on wax paper and let it dry (peal off when dry). Also leave the nail polish bottle and brush open to dry. Place them on a table on their side or on the carpet. This staining nail polish is bound to get peoples attention.

Classic Water in the Face We have all seen this on AFV or comedy shows, and it makes me giggle every time. With an elastic, tie down the faucet sprayer in your kitchen. When your loved one goes to rinse off their dishes or wash their hands they will be sprayed.

Wacky Whoopee Cushion Stick a whoopee cushion under a kitchen seat cushion. This is a classic, but still funny for the unexpected.

Plastic Potty Not a clean joke … put plastic wrap on the toilet – this is an accident waiting to happen!

Balloon Blow-up Place as many blown up balloons in a closet as you can. This is especially funny for someone who is afraid of balloons.

Key Keeper Before hand find / purchase a set of keys that look like a family members. Lock their vehicle in the night and switch the keys. Watch the panic when they can not get into their car.

Pooper Scooper Buy some fake poop. If you have a child that is toilet training trick your spouse into believing that they pooped on the carpet (don’t show them, ask them to get something from a certain room). Or if you have a dog this will work the same way.

Rodent Riot Stick a rubber mouse in the shoe /boot of a shoe lover. They will be mortified!

Lucky Lotto As a treat have a family member find a lotto ticket in the house. Pretend that you got it a long time ago and forgot to scratch it. Let them help you scratch the “winning” ticket. Of course they all win.

Loosen Light bulbs Loosen the light bulbs in your home. None of them will turn on!

April Fools Day Pranks Food

Candy Curse Place a jar of candy on the table for people to sample, but make the candy trick candy that tastes horrible.

Mystery Cake Make a meatloaf in a cake tray. When it is finished take it out of the pan and ice it like a cake. What a delicious surprise.