Ariel Party Ideas

Have a party under the sea with our Ariel Party Ideas!

Ariel Party Ariel’s under the sea adventure is one that all kids, mermaids and fish would love to join (except maybe Sebastian). For your Ariel birthday we would like to invite you to King Triton’s Kingdom. Enjoy playing with Sebastian and Flounder at this unforgettable Little Mermaid Party!

Ariel Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Use the Colour theme blue, green and teal
  • Hang white or light blue twinkle lights
  • Twirl streamers and lots of colour themed and Mylar balloons
  • Play princess music (from The Little Mermaid movie)
  • Hang fish of all kinds, or even suspend the bottom of a boat from the ceiling, and hang blue cellophane from the ceiling
  • (twist and turn it, make it go up and down) this will look like you are really under the water
  • Decorate with shells, fish nets ect.
  • Hang a sign that says “Welcome to ____’s Under the Sea Adventure”
  • Make Name place tags in the shape of different fish and shells
  • Add decorative wall stickers. They are so cool. I have used these and they didn’t remove any paint from the walls!

Little Mermaid Party Games
and Ariel Party Activities

  • Hire an Ariel Princess (or have a friend dress up) to come and teach the girls to properly wave and brush their hair with a dingle hopper (fork), etc.
  • Check out your local pool if they host Pool Party
  • Blow bubbles and / or rent a bubble machine
  • Make / decorate an ocean themed necklace (use colour themed beads, fish and shell beads)
  • Make a Treasure box. Have shoe boxes for the guests, spray paint them and have the guests decorate them with glitter glue, jewels (you can get lots at the ‘dollar’ type stores), etc. These boxes will all be a unique craft to take home.
  • Human Treasure Hunt. Hide ‘human’ items and have the guests find them (try this outside so the items are noticeable. E.g. hair brush)
  • Paper plate craft fish (cut a triangle out for the mouth), jelly fish (plate in half and hang down streamers)
  • Crab Race (like Crab walk)
  • Shark tag
  • Ursula (like octopus) The child who is it, wears the Special Fish Hat “Ursula” and stands in the middle of a large area. The others are all on the outside. The child who is "it" (Ursula) yells “Ursula". The other mermaids (children) have to run to the other side without getting tagged. If tagged they are eaten and attach hands with “Ursula”. When holding hands they will eventually eat all the mermaids in the sea.
  • Pin the tail or legs on Ariel
  • Pass the Sea Shell. (Like hot potato)
  • Ariel, Ariel, Eric! (Like duck, duck, goose)
  • Ariel Bingo. Easy to make with fish and human pictures or stickers (e.g. shell, mermaid, fish, castle, hair brush, etc.)
  • More Fun Printable Birthday Games

Ariel Birthday Party Food

Little Mermaid Cake
Little Mermaid Cake

Shared by Louise

  • Sparkling punch (your favourite juice mixed with ginger ale)
  • Fish shaped sandwiches (use a cookie cutter for the shape)
  • Gold fish crackers
  • Fish shaped sugar cookies
  • Ice-cream sundae station. Have different flavours of ice-cream, sauces, strawberries, candies and sprinkles
  • Cupcakes or a shaped Ariel cake (or the cake could be shaped like a fish or castle)

Ariel Cake

Ariel Cake
Shared by Tara Bourdon Casey

Under The Sea Party (Shared by Brandy)

More fun Kids Party Ideas

Share Your Ariel Party Ideas!

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