Avatar Party Ideas

Avatar Party Host an Avatar Party and welcome your guests to the year 2154 in the world of Pandora! Set the scene from the movie with the best effects, cast and creatures. Your Avatar Theme Party will be memorable from the jungle setting of Pandora inhabited by the NaVi people to the timeless fight over nature vs human “necessities”.

Avatar Party Supplies

  • Your homemade Avatar Birthday Party Invitations should include the elements of water, fire and earth. Make homemade paper (representing “earth”), write on your pertinent party information, roll it up (like a diploma), while tying it up tie on two sticks (representing fire) and hang a small vile of water.

  • Use the color theme blue, black and silver
  • Create the world of Pandora at your home
  • Set up lots of house plants and trees in your party room. Use your own plants and trees, borrow some from friends, family and neighbors and use ones you will send home as favors.
  • Add a water feature like a water fountain
  • Turn up the heat and make it feel tropical
  • Play a CD of tropical sounds of birds, water, etc.
  • Use Avatar theme paper products: Avatar napkins, Avatar plates, Avatar cups, Avatar birthday banner

Avatar Party Games and Activities

  • Decorate T-shirts Have a number of styles of blue and black shirts. Let your guests select the shirt they would like (e.g., t-shirt, tank top, pick stylish ones). Have t-shirt / material paint available for each other to decorate all the shirts (silver paint).

  • Decorate faces with face paint

  • Make feather necklaces and/or feather crafts

  • NaVi Nature Groom some flowers / plants. E.g., Chinese bonsai tree, flower arranging, etc.

  • NaVi Charades The NaVi are able to communicate like none other. Let’s see your communication skills!

  • Water Balloon Toss Pair up all your guests. Toss the balloons back and forth. If you catch it without the balloon braking you each step backwards. The winning pair is the farthest apart.

  • Straw Sucker Give all guests two cups (one with water and the other empty) and one straw. Using the straw (in your mouth and not using hands) suck up the water, hold it in the straw and transfer it to the other cup. Who ever can move the most water (while being timed) wins.

  • Hot Potato Play the traditional game to represent earth.

  • S’mores Make s’mores over a small fire (s’mores – roasted marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers).

  • Play Avatar the Game on your gaming system

  • More fun Printable Party Games

  • See all Party Games Here including lots of Pinata ideas!

  • Watch the movie!

Avatar Costume Ideas and Avatar Characters

  • Dress in blue, black and silver
  • Paint your face with face paint
  • Attach some jewelled diamonds to your face in an interesting pattern (or a diamond temporary tattoo)
  • Die your hair blue! (Adult permission and supervision please!!)
Corporal Jake Sully, Colonel Miles Quaritch, Dr. Grace Augustine, Trudy Chacón, Parker Selfridge, Dr. Norm Spellman and Dr. Max Patel.

Neytiri, Mo'at, Tsu'tey and Eytucan

Avatar Birthday Party Favors

  • Avatar stickers
  • Small house plant
  • Avatar action figure

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