Balloon Party Games

balloon party games

Balloon party games are so exciting and are great because they can be played both indoors or outdoors. If possible, try to purchase more balloons than you will expect to use, especially if you have younger guests. Enjoy over 10 different balloon party games and activities for your next event organized in alphabetical order.

balloon party games

Balloon party games are so exciting and are great because they can be played both indoors or outdoors. If possible, try to purchase more balloons than you will expect to use, especially if you have younger guests. Enjoy over 10 different balloon party games and activities for your next event organized in alphabetical order.

Balloon Animals

Objective: Make a balloon animal
Materials: Instructions on how to make a balloon animal, balloons

Rules: Try one's best to follow instructions and make a balloon animal. You can have printed instructions or have an ipad or computer with a video of how to make a balloon animal. If your guests are great at creating these animals, you could always turn this activity into a race to complete one animal or a set of animals.

Balloon Challenge

Ages: 3 and older, kids party games
Objective: To try and steal the other team's balloons while protecting your own team's balloons.
Players: 6 or more
Materials: Balloons

Rules: Divide players into two teams. Each team is given an equal number of balloons. 5 to 20 depending on the size of teams. Each team's balloons will be kept in two separate areas of the playing field, usually protected by a goalie. When play starts players will then try to steal balloons from the opposite team while still protecting their own. Try to limit roughness. The team with the most balloons at the end of the game wins.

Balloon Darts

Age: Older guests
Objective: To pop as many balloons as possible
Materials: Darts, balloons

Rules: Tape up the balloons onto a board. have your guests toss from a determined location a  dart towards the balloons. Try to pop as many balloons as possible with a set number of darts.

Balloon Hockey

Objective: To make a hockey game using a balloon as a puck
Materials: Hockey sticks, balloon, something for the nets

Rules: Have an even number of players on each team. Have one balloon to represent the puck. Try to get the balloon close to your opponent's net and try to shoot and score. If there is a score the balloon is tossed in the middle to start again. Always remember the safety of your guests, you may choose to have everyone wear eye protection as people often have a high stick.

Balloon Keep Up

Objective: To keep the balloon up in the air while performing a task
Materials: Balloon

Rules: All depends on the task at hand… see how many times you can repeatedly keep the balloon up in the air. Think volleyball skills, one handed, two handed, knee, foot, etc. Keep two balloons up at the same time. Blow air with your mouth to keep the balloon up. Move while balancing the balloon on a flyswatter, on your head, etc..

Balloon Over Under Game

Objective: To toss a balloon over and under to complete a relay style race
Materials: Balloon

Rules: Line your guests up into two lines or teams. When the signal is given to start the race, have the guests pass the balloon either over their head or under and between their legs. Rotate between over and under to complete the race.

Balloon Pinata

Ages: 3 and older
Objective: To try to perform a message to earn a candy
Players: 2 or more
Materials: Balloons, candy, written messages

Rules: It is a different version of a pinata and less expensive. You fill a bunch of balloons with candy and in each one, write a task for each child to do. (ex. act like a monkey, or elephant etc.). The child pops the balloon with a pointy stick, gets the candy, acts out the task and whoever guesses correctly goes next. Submitted by Roxy in Canada.

Balloon Race

Objective: To race with a balloon to a desired location
Materials: Depends on the version, but all need a balloon

Rules: Race with a balloon to the finish line. How you race is determined by the host or guests of the party. Some ideas would be to hit the balloon with a hockey stick, a pool noodle, Race with the balloon balancing on your head. Blow the balloon with a straw. Hopping with the balloon between your knees. Race with the balloon on a spoon (like an egg and spoon race). Let your imagination go wild.

Balloon Sandwich Race

Ages: 5 and older
Objective: A balloon is placed between two teammates as they work together to move holding the balloon down the race track
Players: 6 or more
Materials: Balloons

Rules: Divide all the players into teams of two. Give each team one equal sized blown up balloon. This can be a multi-lap race of different challenges with the balloons. When the first race starts players must sandwich the balloon between their heads and keep it in place down the entire race track. If it becomes loose and falls, teams must stop and reposition the balloon and continue. For the next race players must sandwich the balloon between their stomachs as they make it down the race track. The first team across the finish line wins. Choose one or both or your own challenge to play. For an individual race, have players place the balloon between the knees.

Balloon Server

Objective: To try to pass a balloon down a line of teammates in a race
Materials: 1 balloon per team, 1 paper plate per participant

Rules: Set up a minimum of two teams. Line up the individuals. The person at the front of the line is given a balloon. Then they pass the balloon to the next in line using only the plate (can’t touch it with their hands). Continue passing the balloon to the last player. If you wish to make it a challenge… have the last person in the line need to race to the front and repeat the process until all participants are in their original location.

Balloon Shaver

Age: 8 and older
Objective: Try and shave the shaving cream off a balloon without popping it.
Players: 4 or more
Materials: Balloons, shaving cream, razors, string

Rules: This game could get messy. Blow up enough balloons so that each player gets their own balloon.. With the string, hang the balloons from the ceiling, or tree if you are outside. Cover each balloon with shaving cream. Players must then attempt very carefully with the razor to remove the shaving cream. The first person done without popping the balloon wins.

Balloon Stomper

Ages: 3 and older
Objective: Players become a balloon stomper and try to stomp and pop balloons tied to their opponents feet.
Players: 4 or more
Materials: Rubber bands or string, balloons

Rules: Blow up enough balloons for each player to have two balloons, and enough for two games since the game is usually over quickly. Have or assist players to tie inflated balloons to their ankles with rubber bands or string. Both feet if desired. Players should wear shoes for safety. Once the game starts players must then try to stomp on other players balloons without popping their own. Once a player's balloons are popped they're out. Last one with a balloon still attached and inflated wins.

Balloon Tennis

Ages: 8 and older
Objective: To play a version of tennis with balloons
Materials: Tennis, badminton or pickleball rackets, balloons, something for a net

Rules: Play indoors or outside (preferably on a non-windy day). Using your rackets try to hit the ball over the net and create a rally. This is a fun slower version of the game of tennis. You could also try with a beach ball.

Balloon Volleyball

Age: 6 and older
Objective: To play a game of volleyball with a balloon
Materials: Balloon

Rules: Play in a similar fashion to volleyball. Establish a boundary and set up a net or streamer to act as a net. Have even teams on either side of the net. Play with volleyball rules, or set up some that will work best with your guests.

Glowing Balloons - Balloon Party Games

Objective: To be able to see your balloons at night time or in the dark
Materials: Balloons, glow sticks

Rules: Play most balloon games with a glow in the dark quality balloon. Place a snapped glow stick inside of a balloon. Then blow up the balloon and tie it quickly. This will cause your balloons to glow in the dark.