Balloon Sandwich Race

Ages: 5 and older, outdoor party games

Objective: A Balloon Sandwich Race is where a balloon is placed between two team mates as they work together down the race track!

Players: 6 or more

Materials: Balloons

Rules: Divide all the players into teams of two. Give each team one equal sized blown up balloon. This can be a multi-lap race of different challenges with the balloons. When the first race starts players must sandwich the balloon between their heads and keep it in place down the entire race track. If it becomes loose and falls, teams must stop and re-position the balloon and continue. For the next race players must sandwich the balloon between their stomachs as they make it down the race track. The first team across the finish line wins! Choose one or both or your own challenge to play. For an individual race have players place the balloon between the knees! This is a fun balloons game!