Baptism Centerpiece Ideas

During these religious events it is sometimes difficult to come up with some unique Baptism Centerpiece Ideas. For a baptism, it is sometimes a challenge, yet most importantly keep in mind the age of the person being baptised. Keep the centerpiece and other themed décor appropriate for their age.

Baptism Centerpiece for Children

Should be a little more fun. Children love helium balloons. I would use helium balloons and tie them down to religious statues. Surround the statue with some simple flowers. Gerber daisies are cheery and would add nice colour to the table.

Baptism Centerpiece for Teens

Should be a little more elaborate. The use of hurricane vases filled with glass stones, cream candles would add height and elegance. Place the hurricane vase inside a low wide vase / bowl. Use clear glass for both the hurricane vase and the lower vase. Add coordinated coloured stones, flowers and ribbon to the lower vase.

Baptism Centerpiece for Adults

Should be the most sophisticated. Use your best crystal. Crystal vases can now be purchased inexpensively at some discount stores if you don’t already own some. Fill these vases with flowers such as lilies, tulips, or orchards (always a crowd pleaser). Beside the vase, display a couple (odd number) crystal picture frames (use different sizes / shapes). Fill the pictures frames with a mixture of religious pictures and one or two from the baptism that just took place (easy to down load and print from a home computer).