Batman Party Ideas

Batman Party
Save the day and have a Batman Party! Na Na BATMAN! Gotham City Needs Your Help! Invite your fellow superhero Batman friends to wear their Batman costumes equipped with bat masks and capes, or even their Batman pyjama’s!

Cut out a mask or Batman symbol using black card stock and use it for an invitation. Or, take a comic strip and sub-in your information in the captions. Create a riddle and give directions to your bat cave. Decorate with bat stamps, stickers and Batman clip art. Have the “Real” Batman make a surprise appearance and teach some bat moves and give out some party favours. The best time of year to pick up your Batman party supplies is right after Halloween when everything is on sale. However, any time is a good time for a superhero party!

Batman Party Supplies
and Decorations

  • Hang black balloons and streamers
  • Hanging bats
  • Hang some Cob webs on light fixtures
  • Make a Bat cave out of appliance boxes
  • Make Bat shaped place mats
  • Build your own Bat mobile, or display Batman figures and accessories
  • Hang Batman posters
  • Decorate your garage like a bat cave by covering the walls with black fabric or Set up a tent or outdoor canopy
  • Use Strobe lights and a fog machine
  • Use Black lights to create a bat cave look
  • Shine a flood light with a bat symbol
  • Hang up some playing cards of the Joker
  • Happy Birthday Batman banner
  • Make a cardboard city line with twinkle lights
  • Play some Batman music

Batman Costumes and Accessories

  • Make your own Batman capes and mask out of cotton or flannel material and attach ribbons or Velcro to tie it on
  • Cat Woman with cat ears and tail
  • Utility belts with bat weapons
  • Use face paint for The Joker’s big smile or Batman mask or Cat Woman nose and whiskers
  • The Penguin's top hat, umbrella and tux
  • The Riddler's green top and bottom with question marks
  • Two Face. Paint one side of your shirt and face
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Alfred
  • Police commissioner Gordon

Batman Birthday Party Games and Crafts

Batman Birthday Party
Food And Drink

  • Black lolly pops
  • Chocolate ice cream
  • Batman pizza. If you are really creative, cut the pepperoni into bat shapes
  • Chips and dip served in a plastic top hat
  • Bugles for Cat Woman claws
  • Soda
  • Cookies decorated with a question marks made of icing
  • French fries
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Cake with bat logo
  • Gummy bats and penguins
  • Cookie cutter shaped cats and bats
  • Poison ivy punch green punch with plastic ivy for decoration
  • Freezies
  • Cheese strings
  • Pretzels
  • Make Coloured ice cubes using juice or food colouring to transform your superhero drink

Batman Party Favors

  • Give out Superhero certificates
  • Batman rings
  • Batman masks
  • Batman cape
  • Batman Comic Book
  • Batman Stickers
  • Batman Flash lights
  • Hot wheels bat mobile
  • Batman Action figure
  • Batman Tattoos
  • Bat pencils and erasers

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