Ben 10 Party Ideas

"These Ben 10 Party Ideas are WOW Wonderful!"

Let a Ben 10 theme transform your party from o.k. to WOW Wonderful by using his 10 alien hero powers! Ben Tennyson is willing to join your party bringing fun and adventure while still fighting off the evil villain, Vilgax. Using his Omnitrix watch, Ben and your guests can each become one of the alien hero for the day, at your adventurous, smash hit, Ben 10 Birthday Party!

Ben 10 Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Ben lives in an environment like you and I
  • Use a Colour theme of green and yellow
  • Circular Ben 10 Banner
  • Happy Birthday Ben 10 Banner
  • Ben 10 Table cover
  • Ben 10 center piece
  • Alien lava rocks. Cover pillows or rocks with a brown paper bag and spray paint yellow and green
  • Create an outdoor campsite (tent, fire pit, etc)
  • Make an Alien crash site. Do it before your guests arrive or as an activity to decorate) use a large appliance cardboard box, paint, tinfoil, etc.

Ben 10 Games and Activities

  • Give guests a pass to enter upon arrival.
  • Face painting to turn into alien
  • Decorate an alien crash site / spaceship use a large appliance cardboard box, paint, tinfoil, etc.
  • Create a unique alien using your guests ‘name’! Fold a piece of paper in half, cursive write their name. Unfold and have guests create a mirror image of their name. This creates the outside form of an alien. Use pastels to colour the alien. Cut out the form and paste onto construction paper.
  • Asteroid Spoon Race using spoons and eggs. Don’t let it drop!
  • Pass The Goo pass back and forth green water balloons (step farther back with each throw. Which team can last the longest?
  • Green Glutton Goo Race Each guest gets a bowl of green jello (with gummy worms inside). Who can eat this the fastest?
  • Training Camp Course Go over rattling tinfoil, moving rocks, jumping rope, etc.
  • Create their own t-shit! Tie die and decorate with shirt paint
  • Build a space ship with legos
  • Ride bikes
  • Roast smoores at a campfire
  • Have a sleepover / campout and tell ghost stories
  • Play Ben 10 video games
  • Watch the movie and eat green munchies
  • More Fun Party Games!

Ben 10 Birthday Food

  • Green and yellow food like Yellow cake with Green icing
  • Gummy worms and jello
  • Pizza with peppers, pineapples, and green olives (one plain cheese pizza too)
  • Make smoores (graham cracker, chocolate, and roasted marshmallow sandwich)
  • Make cupcakes that look like their Omnitrix watch (add candies and green icing)
  • Transform drinks with green ice cubes by adding green food coloring
  • More fun Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes and Other Fun Cake Ideas!

Ben 10 Party Favors

  • Ben 10 with alien loot bag
  • Ben 10 Blowouts
  • Ben 10 Stickers
  • Green Slime
  • Pop rocks candies
  • Ben 10 Omnitrix Wristband
  • Ben 10 book (Steps to Reading are fantastic)
  • Ben 10 figure
  • Ben 10 Toy