Blues Clues Party Ideas

Blues clues party napkin

You will be playing "Blues Clues" at this Blues Clues Party. Come and search, sing and celebrate with our special little someone.

Make your own Blues Clues Invitations. Create a magnifying glass or a picture of Blues Clues paw print and write:

“Here is a clue … come and play Blues Clues at my Birthday Party! Flip over to find the second and third clue for the time and place.”

Blues Clues Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Decorate with the colour theme of shades of blue
  • Use a bright blue table cloth with navy or black polka dots
  • Add Blues Clues stickers to the party cups, so each one is unique and the guests know which glass is theirs. 
  • Have blue and green pompoms
  • Hang dog paw print cut outs
  • Poster of Blues Clues
  • Have a large magnifying glass
  • Blue Helium balloons
  • Blue streamers
  • Make Joe (or Steve) and Blues orange house with a red roof out of an old appliance box
  • Set up a balloon arch for a fantastic photo-op. For more fun pictures set the arch up near the food area or near a window for natural lighting. 
  • Have a purple mailbox and have the start clue for the treasure hunt
  • Blues Clue pinata, does not need to be filled with candy. There could be cards, hair elastics, stuffies, and more. 

Blues Clues Birthday Party Games and Activities

  • Create a dog hat out of construction paper. Have strips pre-cut for around the child’s head, and ears. The kids can decorate these. Use tape to size the hats and to attach the ears.
  • Read a Blues Clues Book
  • Play Blue, Blue, Clue! – like duck, duck, goose
  • Boogie Woogie Doggy dance
  • Blues says  - like the game "Simon Says", but you could have "Blue" dressed up with a fun blue shirt and cut-out ears.
  • Pin the magnifying glass on Blue, or the paw print
  • Play Blues Clues and “Search” using clues for the presents
  • Host your very own "Big Backyard Fair" and combine a variety of these games and activities as events in your fair. 
  • Host a fun Treasure Hunt, led by your very own "Treasure Bug". Start with the delivery of a treasure map that includes the location of the first clue. After completing three hunts and getting the three special keys, the guests can find the "Land of Great Discovery". At the end of the treasure hunt there will be some sort of treasure, which could include gold coin chocolates or stickers. 
  • Have service dog and training puppies come for a visit and play. The guests can all sit in a circle with the puppies in the middle playing.
  • Have a Blues Clue's ultimate sing-along . . . who knows all the words!
  • Play hop-scotch on Paw prints
  • Play with blue chalk
  • Play in Blues house
  • Watch Blues Clues

Blues Clues Party Food

  • Blue Cupcakes work wonders at this age
  • Blues Clues party cake, Wilton has a cake pan that is in the shape of a paw print. This is a simple way to make the perfect cake for your event and choose blue or pink incing depending on the birthday boy or girls favorite character. 
  • Blues Clues party cake: Wilton also has a vintage Blues Clues shaped cake pan. In the cake pan it is a full body of Blue wearing a party hat and holding a sign that you can pipe on the words "Happy Birthday To . . . ".
  • Create pink and purple cake pops. To make cake pops, you start by baking a cake. Once cooled, you mash it up with your hands (washed hands and in gloves), slowly incorporating room temperature icing. After you have about a third icing to cake ratio, you create balls of the mixture and add the stick. Next, you refrigerate the cake pops, while melting the colored chocolate. Then, you dip the cake pops into the icing and place it to dry. Finally, move the cake pops to the fridge and enjoy when they are set. 
  • Create a blue themed candy bar: have bowls with blue chocolates, such as Smarties, or M&M's, and have bowls with blue candies, such as blue whales, blue feet, Skittles, Nerds, or Licorice.
  • Put blueberries or blackberries in a bowl and call them "Blues Paws"
  • Have red or concord grapes for a healthy snack for "Paw Berries"
  • Decorate paw-shaped cookies with blue icing and blue sprinkles
  • "Go-Fetch Sticks and Pretzels", have separate bowls for types of pretzels with a sign for the fun name
  • Different shades of blue jello cups
  • Juice, blue Gadorade, or blue Kool-Aide
  • Add blue food coloring to icecubes and make your own Blues Clues drinks

Blues Clues Theme Favours

  • Blues Clues book (reading or colouring with crayons)
  • Blues Clues Sticker book
  • Little stuffed Blues Clues
  • Magnified glass
  • Blue notebook with a fun sticker on the top and blue inked pen to write with
  • Blue polka dot socks
  • Red sand bucket filled with goodies, such as bubbles, juice boxes, and Play-do