Blues Clues Party Ideas

You will be playing "Blues Clues" at this Blues Clues Party. Come and search, sing and celebrate with our special little someone.

Make your own Blues Clues Invitations. Create a magnifying glass or a picture of Blues Clues paw print and write:

“Here is a clue … come and play Blues Clues at my Birthday Party! Flip over to find the second and third clue for the time and place.”

Blues Clues Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Decorate with the colour theme of shades of blue
  • Hang dog paw print cut outs
  • Poster of Blues Clues
  • Have a large magnifying glass
  • Blue Helium balloons
  • Blue streamers
  • Make Joe (or Steve) and Blue’s orange house with a red roof out of an old appliance box

Blues Clues Birthday Party Games and Activities

  • Create a dog hat out of construction paper. Have strips pre-cut for around the child’s head, and ears. The kids can decorate these. Use tape to size the hats and to attach the ears.
  • Read a Blue’s Clues Book
  • Play Blue, Blue, Clue! – like duck, duck, goose
  • Boogie Woogie Doggy dance
  • Blues says
  • Pin the magnifying glass on Blue, or the paw print
  • Play Blues Clues and “Search” using clues for the presents
  • Play in Blue’s house
  • Watch Blue’s Clues
  • More fun Kids Party Games

Blues Clues Birthday Food

  • Blue Cupcakes work wonders at this age
  • Blues Clues Birthday Cake
  • Juice or blue Kool-AideAdd blue food coloring to icecubes and make your own Blues Clues drink

Blues Clues Theme Favours

  • Blue’s Clues book (reading or colouring with crayons)
  • Stickers
  • Little stuffed Blue’s Clues