Bobs and LoLo Party Ideas

"Our kids loved these adorable Bobs and LoLo Party Ideas!"
Bobs & Lolo Birthday Party Ideas

Bobs and LoLo have entertained thousands with their charming music, a fun atmosphere at their concerts, and have helped share their great messages about the environment. The young and young are heart would love a Bobs and LoLo birthday party! Set up the stereo, play their music, watch some Bobs and LoLo music videos, dance and play some fun games! Oh, and don’t forget to serve some Snappy Snacks!

Fun Bobs & LoLo Birthday Party Games

  • Play a Bobs & LoLo CD have the children do a Dolphin dance! You can use hula hoops to jump through, and tie balloons up high (but close enough to reach) for the kids to jump up and hit with their nose or hand!

  • Do the Raindrop Pop - Set up a sprinkler outside and let the children run through with their umbrellas. The children can even wear their rain coats, hats and rubber boots.

  • Have a Playtime and dress up
    Let the kids use their imagination by becoming whatever they dress up as. Have lots of different clothes and costumes for everyone to dress up. Once they are in “Character” have the kids participate in a March or form a parade! Decorate wagons, make flags, blow up balloons, play some Bobs and LoLo music and have a birthday parade!

  • If your party is outdoors, have some skipping ropes for the kids to Jump rope or skip! Create a sidewalk or driveway oasis using sidewalk chalk. Draw bugs, trees birds the sun and clouds. Blow some bubbles.

  • Some more great classic Outdoor Party Games:
    • Three legged race
    • Potato sack race
    • Go for a bike ride, or wagon ride!
    • Fly a kite

  • Go for a “Bug” scavenger hunt! Look for a worm, an ant, a butterfly, a ladybug, a bee, a dragonfly, or even a spider! Give the kids a magnify glass to help in their search and a sheet to identify each bug and to check off ones they find.

  • Participate in an environmental lesson by cleaning up the park or your neighbourhood and teaching the children the importance of recycling.

  • Go to your local strawberry patch and pick strawberries! The same goes for any fruit like apples, raspberries or in the fall go to a pumpkin patch.!

  • Go to a Bobs & LoLo concert!

Hang a Cindy Seahorse Pinata!

Seahorse Pinata

Snappy Snacks!
Bobs and LoLo Party Food

Bobs and LoLo Party Decorations

Set up your party room like the “Ocean blue” Use blue streamers hung from the ceiling with fish and sea shells to make it look like you are under water.

Or, make a nature scene! Decorate with butterflies, ladybugs, flowers and other things you find in your garden. Like this Flower Garden Sticker Scene.

Bobs & LoLo Party Ideas


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