Butterfly Party Ideas

Butterfly Party

Your Butterfly Party can be like a real butterfly! Beautiful, graceful, gentle and delicate. If your Butterfly Princess fits one of those descriptions, she’ll love a Butterfly birthday party. Invite your guest to fly over and take fight with a Butterfly theme party!

Butterfly Party Supplies

Butterfly Party Ultimate Box

  • To make flying homemade butterfly invitations cut out the outside shape of a butterfly (about 1cm thick – cut out the inside). Type your party information really small on another piece of paper and cut it out. Place the butterfly shape onto mactack (sticky clear large tape type product), place the information sheet on the inside of the butterfly and then sprinkle glitter onto the inside of the butterfly as well. Next, place another sheet of mactack on the top of the butterfly shape sandwiching all the information and glitter. To finish off the invitation cut out the butterfly shape again. If you wish place a hole punch in one of the wings, tie on a ribbon and tie the ribbon to a stick – then it will look like it is flying.

  • Get everthing you need for your Butterfly birthday in the above party pack including some of the following Butterfly Decorations:
  • Butterfly napkins
  • Butterfly plates
  • Butterfly cups
  • Butterfly table cover
  • Butterfly centerpiece
  • Butterfly Birthday Banner
  • Butterfly theme party hat
  • Butterfly theme party blowers
  • Happy Birthday Butterfly Mylar balloon
  • Prismatic Butterfly Mylar Balloon
  • Butterfly Pinata
  • The Color Theme for you Butterfly theme party should be pink, purple, green, yellow and orange
  • A butterfly party theme is perfect for an outdoor setting - use nature in your backyard
  • Set up a picnic area
  • Have an art station area
  • Set up a baking table to decorate cookies
  • At your eating area, hang balloons and decorate the table with flowers, streamers overhead, etc.
  • Hang twinkle party lights

Butterfly Party Games and Activities

  • Visit a local Butterfly Conservatory. These are fantastic! You can learn so much about the butterflies and moths (e.g., look at all the stages of a butterfly, look at them with a magnifying glass, etc.); and they usually have a large area that looks jungle like filled with trees, plants, water features, birds, butterflies, fish, frogs, bunnies, etc. to create their own little ecosystem. There are so many butterflies that if you are still they will land on you – so exciting!

  • Butterfly Cocoon Race Divide the guests into two teams. Each team selects one person to be a butterfly. When the game starts, the other players race to cover the "butterfly" with toilet paper creating a cocoon. The first team cover that player using an entire role (or as many as you decide) wins!

  • Butterfly Hands Create an art project. Paint both hands and place them onto paper putting your palm together (about 1 cm apart) and your fingers are out (do not paint your thumbs). Wash your hands and then paint 1 finger and place it onto the paper in between the hands (creating the body). When the butterfly is dry you can paint on a design on the wings (your palms) and on the body. Remember to add the feelers that grow out of the head.

  • Decorate butterfly cookies Use cookie icing, sprinkles and small candies

  • String a Butterfly necklace Make a necklace with some butterfly beads

  • Flying Butterflies Play a version of musical chairs. Have the guests be the flying butterflies (with the music) and have them land on leaves (for the chairs). Make the leaves out of felt.

  • Pin the body on the Butterfly Play like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Fun Printable Party Games
  • More Kids Party Games

Hire a Face Painter or Attempt it Yourself!

Butterfly Party Food

  • Finger sandwiches. Cut into the shape of butterflies by using a butterfly cookie cutter
  • Butterfly shaped sugar cookies
  • Butterfly cupcake. You can make regular cupcakes, then cut off the top and split the top in two (for the wings). The icing will hold it together and top with candies to decorate.
  • Butterfly Cake. Use the above butterfly shaped cake pan. Easy for the shape, easy to decorate (candies are optional)
Butterfly Cupcakes
Butterfly Cupcakes

by Zoe C. (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

Butterfly Party Favors

  • Butterfly straw
  • Butterfly net
  • Butterfly tattoos
  • Butterfly bubble necklace

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