Care Bear Party Ideas

Care Bear Party Care Bear Party Countdown! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Let the Beary special birthday party begin! On your invitations write: "We're having a Beary special party to celebrate _____‘s __th Birthday!" Invite your guests to bring their special teddy bear along to the party. Also attach a packet of Care Bears gummy candies with the invitation. Seal the envelop with a Care Bear sticker (the birthday boy or girl will love helping with this). This will help excite the kids of the upcoming Care Bear Birthday Party.

Care Bear Party Supplies and Decorations

Care Bears Supplies
Care Bears Birthday Party Supplies
  • Care Bear Perfect Party Pack
    Birthday Bear would say to keep things simple and to get a all prepared Care Bear Party Supplies kit so you can rest to enjoy the celebration!

  • Remember to make all your Care Bears Invitations to everyone except No Heart, Beastly, and Shreeky. Cheer Bear would so approve of sending out thank yous for your Care Bear Birthday!

  • Turn your house into the Kingdom of Caring, which is made up of Care-a-Lot
  • Create a care-o-meter
  • Listen to Care Bears music
    • Introducing the Care Bears
    • The Care Bears Care For You
    • Adventures in Care-a-Lot
    • The Care Bears' Birthday Party
    • The Care Bears' Christmas
    • Friends Make Everything Better
    • Meet the Care Bears
    • Care Bears Holiday Hugs
    • Care Bears Christmas Eve
    • Journey to Joke-a-lot
    • Care Bears Nighty-Night
    • Newest Cds: Care Bears Share A Smile and Care Bears Let's Be Friends
  • Hang balloons and streamers in blue, purple, yellow and pink
  • Hang pictures of Care Bears
  • Make a large rainbow
  • Display lots of Care Bears (share with guests who forgot their teddy bear)
  • Use white pillows and blankets / carpet for the clouds
  • Yellow sun light fixture
  • Rainbow Pinata
  • Hang a Care Bear Party Banner
  • Care Bear Table Center Piece

Care Bear Party Games and
Care Bear Birthday Party Activities

  • Care Bear colouring sheets
  • Printable Birthday Party Games
  • Face painting (simple shapes) on cheeks. Draw rainbows, hearts, suns, moons, shamrocks, clouds etc. from their favorite Care Bear
  • Decorate their hearts for the Pin the Heart on the Care Bear Game (decorate with paint, glitter glue and jewels)
  • Pin the Heart on Tenderheart Bear (use a poster and cut out heart shapes from card stock)
  • Find the Birthday Bear (hide and go seek)
  • Care - O - Meter warning. Follow the trail to make someone happy. Make the trail of clouds and rainbows decorate them with stickers. The trail will lead to a hidden present for the Birthday boy/girl or prizes for the guests
  • Go on a Bear Hunt
  • Catch the Clouds. Sit guests on the floor with a bowl, cotton balls and a spoon. Blind fold them and see how many “clouds” they can scoop into the bowl in a couple of minutes
  • Musical clouds (chairs) holding bears of course. Either use the typical chairs and attach white balloons or go to a carpet company and see if they have any sample white carpet / or end of the roll
  • Tie die rainbow shirts (if party is outside)
  • Make masks of their favorite Care Bear
  • Rainbow Pinata
  • Read a Care Bear story

Care Bear Theme Food

Care Bear Party

  • Rainbow cookies
  • Rainbow fruit salad with strawberries, oranges, green grapes, and watermelon
  • Finger sandwiches shaped in bears, rainbows, and moons (use your favorite cookie cutters)
  • Gingerbread bears
  • Care Bear Cake
  • Rainbow Cake
  • More Fun Cake Ideas

Care Bears Party Favours

  • Create you own Care Bear loot bags
  • Bubbles
  • Coloring book and crayons
  • Rainbow colored slinky
  • Care Bear Gummy candies
  • Rainbow necklace

Come Dressed in a Care Bears Costume!

    Birthday Bear
    Cheer Bear
    Bedtime Bear
    Friend Bear
    Funshine Bear
    Good Luck Bear
    Grumpy Bear
    Love-a-Lot Bear
    Tenderheart Bear
    Wish Bear
    Baby Hugs Bear
    Baby Tugs Bear
    Champ Bear
    Daydream Bear
    Forest Friend Bear
    Grams Bear
    Harmony Bear
    Perfect & Polite Panda
    Sea Friend Bear
    Secret Bear
    Share Bear
    Surprise Bear
    Take Care Bear
    True Heart Bear
    All My Heart Bear
Always There Bear
America Cares Bear
Amigo Bear
Bashful Heart Bear
Best Friend Bear
Do-Your-Best Bear
Fire Heart Bear
Happiness Bear
Heartsong Bear
Hopeful Heart Bear
Laugh-a-Lot Bear
Oopsy Bear
Pink Power Bear
Play-a-Lot Bear
Shine Bright Bear
Smart Heart Bear
Snow White Heart Bear
Superstar Bear
Sweet Dreams Bear
Thanks-a-Lot Bear
Work of Heart Bear
Me Bear
Messy Bear
Too Loud Bear
Wish-A-Lot Bear

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