Ages: 7 and older

Objective: Charades is a kind of game where players try and guess what other players are as they act out different things.

Players: 6 or more

Materials: List of actable items and ideas. Eg. Animals, occupations, characters

Rules: Divide players into two teams. The first team starts by choosing a member to be first. The acting player privately views the action card. The player must then attempt to act out whatever was on the card. The acting player must not speak. Players from the same team then must guess at what they think it is. If they are correct after an allotted time, usually one minute they score a point. If an answer is not found the other team gets one united guess. If they are correct their team steals the point. If no answer is found, both teams are rewarded nothing and play continues with the other team. The team with the most points at the end wins!