Cheerleading Party Ideas

Cheerleading party ideas

Get ready to tumble, dance and cheer! These Cheerleading Party Ideas are going to make you jump! Can't wait for the party to start! I will lead our squad when you all arrive at the cheer party.

Cheerleading Party Decorations and
Cheerleading Party Supplies

Cheerleading Party Ideas
Cheerleading Party Supplies

  • Decorate a special chair for the Team Captain or Team Captain for the day.
  • Hang beads, perals, and other jewels (for a girly look)
  • Get Mylar balloons in the shapes of footballs, megaphones and pompoms
  • Cover your ceiling with helium balloons
  • Hang different sizes of cheerleading outfits

Cheerleading Party Games and Activities

  • Create a Cheer and Dance for the Party - Try out some new moves.

  • Flip the Flops - Decorate flip flops in school colours. Use a hot glue gun and add on jewels and other details.

  • Pillow Press - Get a pillow case for all the guests. Have a variety of sharpie coloured permanent markers. All the girls can sign their names and draw a design on the pillow cases. Then each guest has a fun memory piece of the team.

  • Pass the Pompom - play like hot potato

  • Scavenger hunt - Show and hide a number of items e.g., a hair thing, a pompom, a penny from a certain year, and some funny items.

  • Pamper Yourselves - give and get manicures and pedicures in the school colours.

  • Creative Cheer - make up cheers and vote for the funniest, most original, etc. Cheers can be about boyfriends, teams, friendships, etc.

  • Sleepover - host a sleepover and do facials, and watch cheer and dance movies late into the night.

Cheerleading Party Food
Cheerleading Party Ideas

  • Make cookies in the shapes of megaphones
  • Decorate cupcakes in team colours (using icing and candy)
  • Serve pizza, pasta salads, veggie and fruit tray
  • Make mocktails - add some umbrellas and fruit for a fun touch

Cheerleading Cake Ideas
  • Megaphone Cake - cut the shape out of a megaphone. Use icing tips to decorate with school colours.
  • Pompom Cake - use a half circle cake (half a soccer ball cake pan) and use the grass tip (Wilton). Make the icing colours the colour of your school pompoms.
  • Cheerleading Cake - Wilton has a pan with a bear cheerleader which looks very cute.

Cheerleading Party Favors

Make up a gift backet or each guest and include:
  • nice smelling lotion and perfume
  • lip gloss
  • hair things
  • diamond tattoo
  • $5 Starbucks gift card
  • Pompoms

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