Clifford Party Ideas

Celebrate in a gigantic way with this Clifford Party. Clifford the Big Red Dog is the most lovable large dog around. Clifford brings excitement where ever he goes. He always finds the fun side in all situations. This Clifford birthday party will be a huge sensation to all children and dog lovers of all ages!

Don't forget to invite Clifford friends Emily Elizabeth, Cleo, T-Bone and Mac! Make your Clifford Invitations by cutting out white bones and decorate them with Clifford stickers. Ask guest to bring their favourite stuffed dog to the party. After, send out a big Clifford thank you by using a brown lunch bag and write (with marker) doggy bag. Inside put lots of treat, treasures and a small bag of dog and bone shaped sugar cookies.

Clifford Party Supplies and Clifford Birthday Decorations

  • Use the colour theme red, yellow, blue and white
  • Have dog paws scattered on the floor and hand some also on the wall so it looks like a dog has walked all over the house
  • Add Clifford stuffed animals around
  • Hang posters of Clifford and his friends
  • Cover your existing paintings with Clifford gift wrap
  • Use a plastic pool and label it Clifford’s dish
  • As a center piece use a large hurricane lantern and fill it with Clifford’s bones (use the larges bones you can find at the pet store)
  • Hang a Welcome sign to ‘Birdwell Island’

Clifford Party Games and Activities

  • Clifford Hat out of red construction paper. Rectangle for the shape around the head and the glue dog ears on the side. The party guests can add a face to the front if they wish
  • T-Bone Create a Bingo game using Clifford’s friend’s name T-Bone. Add pictures and stickers of the characters, places and events in the Clifford series of books and TV shows
  • Clifford Cookies Decorate and cook sugar cookies
  • Use an appliance box and let the guests paint Clifford’s dog house
  • Scavenger Hunt Hide dog items (e.g. bones, collar, etc. and search just like at Easter time)
  • Cleo, Cleo, Clifford Play the same as duck, duck, goose
  • Bone Race Balance real dog bones on a spoon and try to run
  • Clifford Pinata
  • Read a Clifford story

Clifford Theme Party Food

  • Red Clifford Punch (use juice of choice with gingerale)
  • Red jello gigglers cut into bone and dog shapes
  • Ice-cream
  • Bone or Clifford Cake

Clifford Birthday Favours

  • Clifford gummies or cookies
  • Clifford stickers
  • Colouring book and crayons
  • Clifford book