Clothes Peg Race

Ages: 5 and older

Objective: A clothes peg race where players try and clip as many pegs on their opponents as they can!

Players: 5 or more

Materials: Clothes pegs

Rules: Give every player 2 or 4 clothes pegs to start. For older players you may wish to give more. However, have players clip extra pegs on their shirts instead of holding them in their hands for safety. For fun before the game starts have players color or decorate their pegs to know which ones are theirs. For a theme party use colors and pictures of that theme. When play begins players must try to clip their pegs on to the other players clothing and try not to get clipped themselves. If a clip falls players must pick it up and try again. If a player themselves is victim of being pegged, they my take that peg off and try to re-clip it on another player. If a player runs out of clips, they must try and keep away from the other players until the end of the game. When the game is finished the player with the fewest amount of pegs clipped to their clothing wins.