Clothes Peg Relay

Ages: 13 and older

Objective: A Clothes Peg Relay is when players carry clothes pegs between their knees down to the other end and drop it in a cup.

Players: 6 or more

Materials: clothes pegs, two cups per player/team

Rules: Divide all the players into teams of two or play as individuals. This game is best played in a hallway or large room with at least 10-15 feet of race track. Spread players out and line up a cup at each end of playing area. If you are playing with teams, one member will stand at each end behind their designated cup. Give each player at the starting line one peg. When the race starts have players place the peg between their knees and try to make it to the other end with it in place. Once at the other end, players must stand above the cup and try to drop the peg inside. Players must keep attempting until they get it in. Once successful players or their partners will pick up the peg from the cup and continue the same task back to the beginning line. First team or player to make it in both directions and drop it in both cups wins!