Construction Party Ideas

Contruction Party

Hard hats on for this Construction Party! There is nothing more exciting for little ones than seeing a cement mixer, bulldozers, back hoes, and all the other construction vehicles. Add fun games and Construction Birthday Party Supplies and you’ll have all the equipment you need for a Construction Birthday!

Construction Party Supplies

Construction Party Ultimate Box
- $ 100.99
Our Construction Ultimate Party Box includes everything you need to throw the perfect party for your little one and 7 guests! Contents include full tableware for 8, a variety of Construction decorations, birthday candles, and fun items for your guests.

  • Use the Color Theme yellow, red and blue
  • Set up Construction cones
  • Everyone can wear Hard hats! Yellow and for girls pink!
  • Hang Warning tape or "Under Constuction" tape streamers
  • Large tools and construction vehicles blown up on the walls. Draw / paint large drawings of these and paste them on your walls
  • Display Toy construction vehicles
  • Set up a Toy tool bench with a variety of tools

Construction Party Games and Activities

Construction Truck Pinata
  • When guests arrive suit them up in their hard hats and construction vests

  • While waiting for guests to arrive they can play with lego and other building blocks

  • Sand Relay You'll need sand, shovels and a couple of buckets or pails. Form two lines with the guests and everyone stands in line with a shovel. When it is their turn they take a scoop of sand and run it over to the bucket, dump it in and return to the line. Then the next goes in line. They are finished when the team reaches the marked line on the pail.

  • Make and decorate a paper bag tool box. Use plain white paper bags and markers

  • Tool Scavenger hunt Hide a number of tools and send the guests out with their paper bag tool box to fill. Give them a card that has pictures of the tools they are to find. E.g., find one of each: hammer, screw driver, wrench, etc.

  • Truck Race Have each guest race a dump truck through an obstacle course made out of construction cones

  • Construction Zone (remember safety first) have a table with odd pieces of wood, nails, hammers, sand paper, etc. Build and create a masterpiece then paint it. Remember to wear safety goggles, hard hat, and watch all your safety percussions.

  • Watch Bob the Builder

  • If extra time at the end of the party play in a large sandbox

  • More fun kids party games

  • Outdoor Party Games

  • Printable Party Games

Construction Party Food

Serve food in construction lunch boxes!

  • Juice boxes
  • Sandwiches
  • Cheese and crakers
  • Sugar cookies shaped like tools and construction vehicles
  • Make a Dump Truck cake

  • Dump Truck Cake

    Construction Birthday Party Favors

    Construction Ultimate Favor Set
    • Construction vehicle stickers
    • Tool Belt
    • Gummy tool treats
    • Construction vehicle toy
    • Hard hat

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