Dizzy Lizzy Race

Ages: 7 and older 

Objective: A Dizzy Lizzy Race is when players spin round and round then try to race without falling to the ground!

Players: 4 or more

Materials: a baseball bat or short broom handle for each player

Rules: Play in a large grassed area without any obstructions around for safety. Players may wish to wear bicycle helmets for extra safety. Have players line up on the starting line at least two arms lengths apart. Give each player a baseball bat or short broom handle. When you say Go! players will place the baseball bat or broom on the ground and spin around it 5 to 10 times depending on the age of player. Have players count out loud. When each player has completed spinning they must then attempt the run down to the other end race track. Racers will not be penalized for falling. First player across the finish line wins!

For added challenge place ribbons or scarfs at the finish line for the players to retrieve and come back to the staring line.