Dodge Ball

Ages: 6 and older

Objective: Dodge ball is a game where players from one team form a circle and attempt to hit other players in the middle with soft or large bouncy balls.

Players: 10 or more

Materials: large and soft bouncy balls

Rules: Divide all players into two even teams. Have one team spread out and form a large circle and have players from the other team stand inside. Hand out the balls to the players on the outside team. You do not need one ball for each player if you do not have enough. When the game starts players on the outside circle must try and hit the players in the middle with the balls as those players try and dodge out of the way. Make a rule of not aiming for the head. If a player is hit, they must leave the inside of the circle and join the team on the outside. The last person remaining in the middle wins. Play again by reversing the teams.