Dog Party Ideas

Dog Party You'll love these Dog Party Ideas!
There’s no denying it … your dog is your best friend! So don’t forget to celebrate with a dogs birthday party. Your dog is always there to greet you with love and affection and this doggy birthday party will help honour your love towards your pet.

Dog Party Supplies and Decorations

Get everything you need for your Dog Theme Party in this Party Pack!

Puppy Party Ultimate Box
- $ 105.99
Our Puppy Party Ultimate Party Box includes everything you need to throw the perfect party for your little one and 7 guests! Contents include full tableware for 8, a variety of Puppy Party decorations, birthday candles, and fun items for your guests.

  • For some cute Dog invitations cut out doggy foot prints and print a cute saying that will suit your party theme. Or say something cutesy like

    "Come to my ‘Paw’fect party,
    in your best attire"

  • Choose a personal theme for the party no different than you would for any person’s party. After all, your dog is that most important true love you will have. From your theme check out the above party packs and then create an appropriate colour theme to suit your perfect dog theme party.
  • Have extra pet bowls and have the name on the outside of the bowl
  • Large doggy bones
  • Doggy chairs and couches

Dog Birthday Party Games and Activities

  • Let the dogs run and have a freestyle play
  • Have extra lounging chairs for additional doggy guests
  • Agility course
  • Frisbees and new toys to play with. Throw to the dogs or just let them play

Dog Theme Party Food

  • Check out your local dog salon and spa for some organic ideas
  • Go to your local designer pet store again for some unique special, sometimes homemade treats
  • Doggy treats
  • Dog Bone

Dog Birthday Favors

  • New dog bone
  • Chew toy
  • Collar
  • Clothing accessory
  • Dog Photo frame

Visit the The Puppy Party Place! Your One Stop Puppy Party Shop. The Puppy Party Place is online boutique specializing in celebrating doggie birthdays. We have all products that will make any furbaby's barkday pawsome, along with party ideas, local events, and Rocket's Barkday Club!

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