Elephant Race

Ages: 5 and older

Objective: An Elephant Race is when you must hold on to your team mates as you work together to win the race!

Players: 8 or more

Materials: coordination and team work

Rules: Divide all the players into two teams. Have teams pick a leader. Have that player stand at the starting line. Other players will then line up behind the leader and hold on to the shirt of the person in front of them. Another way is to have players link arms creating a chain link effect, or hold hands. This avoids any clothing from getting wrecked. But, players will run sideways down the race track. When both teams are ready and attached start the race. Teams must work together at the same speed and get all the players to the end without coming unattached. The first team to make it wins. If a team becomes separated they must stop and re-attach. For an extra challenge add pylons or other objects on the race track for the teams to run around.