Elmo Party Ideas

Elmo Party For your extra special little one, why not throw an Elmo Party. The lovable Muppet is a classic given new life with the introduction of the Tickle me Elmo, Elmo Live, Elmo’s World and movies. Children will be tickled “Red” with excitement over this Elmo Birthday Party.

1st Birthday Elmo Party Supplies

Elmo's 1st Birthday Ultimate Box

  • Use a colour scheme of red, blue, yellow and other primary colours
  • Elmo and Sesame Street friend stuffed animals, posters, etc.
  • Hang lots of streamers and helium balloons (Send 1 home with each guest)
  • Elmo Mylar balloon
  • Display letters, number and shapes like ABC's (could be on the table with the cake)
  • Happy birthday banner
  • Dorothy the Goldfish
  • Elmo Hats
  • Elmo Table Cloth
  • Hooray for Elmo Center piece
  • Sesame Street Candles

Elmo Party Games and Activities

  • Depending on the guests, hire an Elmo to come and visit for pictures

  • Play dough (good if it is an outdoor party because of the mess) at the center provide cookie cutters, etc. to create lots of shapes.

  • Blowing bubbles. Have lots of large and unique shapes to blow the bubbles with (even look in your kitchen at different lifters, cookie cutters, etc.)

  • Colouring table

  • Magnet center with fridge magnets (letters and numbers)

  • Elmo puzzle

  • Make an Elmo hat. Make a red hat, add the eyes, nose and mouth (this would make a cute pictures for in your thank you cards) attach with fabric glue

  • Colour Tag. Tell the guests a colour and what part of their body to touch it with. For example: find a colour red and touch it with your foot. Once they have done this they come back to you.

  • Bean Bag Toss. Elmo is hungry and it is time to feed him. Get a large cardboard box or ply wood, paint a picture of Elmo on the front and cut out his mouth. Toss "play food" into the mouth to feed Elmo.

  • I See Red. Hide red objects for the guests to find (make sure a stuffed Elmo is hidden for a special prize)

  • Save Dorothy and Fill the Fish Bowl Set up two teams. Each guest has to run with a small cup of water or ladle of water to across a small patch of grass and fill the fish bowl. One child at a time / team. Which ever team fills the bowl first wins.

  • Elmo says Played the same way as Simon Says

  • Elmo Chairs Play like musical chairs (play Sesame Street music)

  • Pin the Nose on Elmo Like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Elmo Dance Off. Set the stage with Sesame Street music, and dance with "Tickle Me Elmo"and/or “Rock N’ Roll Ernie” dolls.

  • Decorate and eat Cookie Monsters cookies

  • Watch a movie when your guests get tired. Some fun Elmo shows:
    • Elmo in Grouchland
    • Elmo Saves Christmas
    • Elmo and Friends Tales of Adventure
    • Sesame Street Elmo Loves You, etc.

  • Fun Printable Birthday Games
  • More Fun Kids Party Games

Elmo Party Food

  • Gold fish (like Elmo’s fish)
  • Make your own pizza (Elmo’s favourite)
  • Strawberries, raspberries, red apple slices
  • Red Kool aide
  • Red Jello
  • Elmo Cake or Cupcakes
  • Ice-cream bar

Elmo Party Favors

  • Yippie for You Elmo Loot bag
  • Elmo Blower
  • Elmo Stickers
  • Elmo CD or DVD
  • Elmo colouring book with crayons or markers
  • Elmo Gummies

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