Firefighter Party Ideas

Firefighter Party Set your party ablaze and sound the alarm! It's time for a Firefighter Party! With burning hot game ideas, firefighter theme party suppies and flaming food ideas, you'll save the day! Your little firefighter, his/her rescuer friends and the Dalmatian are going to love this party.

Firefighter Party Invitations

Firefighter Invitations

To make homemade Firefighter Invitations use some craft paper that looks like homemade paper (or make your own) and tear / burn the edges to make it look like it was in a fire. Write a cute saying like,

“Calling all firefighters … this party is going to be hot!”

Firefighter Party Supplies

Firefighter Ultimate Box
- $ 100.99
Our Firefighter Ultimate Party Box includes everything you need to throw the perfect party for your little one and 7 guests! Contents include full tableware for 8, a variety of Firefighter decorations, birthday candles, and fun items for your guests.

  • Use Firefighter Decorations including soome of the following: Firefighter napkins, Firefighter plates, Firefighter centerpiece, Firefighter Birthday Banner, Firefighter party blowers, Fire truck Mylar balloons
  • Hang Red and yellow star Mylar balloons
  • Use the color theme yellow, orange and red
  • Use lots of balloons and streamers and hang from the ceiling to look like fire (Hang streamers across the ceiling and loop them (alternate colors)
  • Have party goers wear Firefighter Hats or firefighter helmets
  • Rent a helium machine and blow up tons of balloons (try to fill the ceiling of the party room)
  • Set a large stuffed Dalmatian by your front door
  • Hang a yellow raincoat on the birthday boy/girl’s chair
  • Use a cool Red Police Light as a table centerpiece to set the mood!

Firefighter Party Games and Activities

Firetruck Pinata
  • When your guests arrive the each get to wear a firefighter hat and red t-shirt and Fire Chief Badges to become junior firefighters

  • Visit your local fire station (pre-arrange this activity) The firefighters are great! Sometimes they will let you have tours of the station, try on uniforms and you could bring in a fire extinguisher that the fireman could draw as an extra prize (I won a fire extinguisher when I was 9 years old and I still remember it fondly). Or see if it is possible for the fire truck to come to your house for a fire truck tour. The kids will love this!

  • Use a large appliance box and make a fire truck
  • Fire Balloon Stomper tie orange or red balloons to the guests ankles (inflated balloons) When the game starts the guests need to try to stomp on the balloons of their opponents popping the balloons. Last one with a balloon still attached and inflated wins!

  • Water Balloons Have a large tub filled with water balloons. Pair the guests up. One person has to toss the balloon to the second person who puts it in a bucket. Which ever team can get 8 balloons successfully into the bucket (without popping) wins.

  • Alarm Rush Have a set of clothes in front of the guests (rubber boots, large pants, belt, dress shirt and hat). When the alarm (e.g., bell) goes off the guests race to get dressed, whoever is dressed first wins. To make this more challenging make them run to different stations for different clothing items.

  • Fire hose training Use super soakers and who ever can empty them first wins (you can get cool super soakers that go on your back and look like a firefighter pack)

  • Decorate yellow rubber boots with paint (get the right sizes for your guests)

  • Pin the Badge on the Dalmatian. Play just like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Fire, Fire, Water! Play like duck duck goose

  • Printable Party Games

  • More Fun Party Games

Firefighter Party Food

Fire Truck Cake Pan
  • Make Red / Orange Flaming Punch – make it with punch juice and ginger ale
  • Make a Fire truck cake – easy to make with a shaped cake pan. Hint: use really good non-stick spray so the cake will slide right out of the pan. Let it cool completely before you start icing the cake and adding your candy accents. See a "How To" video on our Cake Ideas Page

Firefighter Party Favors

Firefighter Deluxe Favor Set
  • Toy Fire truck
  • Squirt bottle extinguisher
  • Fire Chief Badge
  • Firefighter stickers
  • Fire fighter party blowers (always a good thing to send home)

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