Graduation Party Ideas

Way to go! You deserve a Graduation Party! A graduation at any stage in life is such an accomplishment and should be celebrated and celebrated correctly! Whether it is a kindergarten graduation, piano grade 8 graduation, high school graduation, or college graduation you should be proud of yourself. This is a family accomplishment, so always remember to thank and also celebrate your family support throughout your trials and tribulations over the years that helped you grow and become “the Graduate”. Congratulations on your achievements!!!

Graduation Invitations

There are many types of graduation invitations to choose from. Look at your theme and your personal style and select an invitation that best suits your occasion. 

Graduation Games and Activities

  • Take lots of photos and video of the events surrounding your graduation
  • Make a time capsule. Add favorite music, art, books, pictures of friends, etc.
  • Autograph book. Get autographs, personal sayings, best wishes from classmates and teachers.
  • More Fun Party Games

Check out our other Party Themes to help spice up this event. Select something fun and memorable!

Graduation Gift Ideas

  • Custom photo box
  • Custom photo frame
  • Personalized guest frame
  • Silver initial cuff links
  • Custom glass mug
  • Engraved sports watch
  • Engraved pocket watch
  • Engraved watch money clip
  • Monogrammed trinket box