Hannah Montana Party Ideas

Hannah Montanta Party Throw a Hannah Montana Party! You and your friends will be the stars of the show as you pump up the party! Everybody makes mistakes, but not this time! You’ll have everything you need to make sure your Hannah Montana birthday party is a “Sold Out” event!

Hannah Montana Party Supplies
and Decorations

Set up your party area with Two settings. One Hannah Montana and the other Miley Stewart! One will be the classroom where you can set up your craft table, make-up and make over-area and the other will be the Concert Stage!

Have Dad or big brother wear their "Security" shirt. Make a stage and set the back drop by hanging black material. Then hang some twinkle lights or Christmas lights for added effect!

  • Set up a karaoke machine
  • Use inflatable guitars or guitar hero guitars and drums
  • Make and hang a sign outside announcing a concert tonight featuring “Your Child” with a walk of fame leading up to the house with your guests names on them
  • Rent a fog machine
  • Hang some hot pink, lime green, blue, and purple balloons, streamers and Hannah Montana Poster
  • Spread around some confetti stars
  • Hang old CD’s from the ceiling
  • Hang a beaded curtain in the door way

Hannah Montana Birthday Games and Activities

  • Make a music video
  • Have a hair and make-up station. Provide hair spray, brushes, hair clips, lip gloss, blush, etc
  • Watch the Hannah Montana 3D movie "Best of Both Worlds"
  • Make your own t-shirts
  • Pin the microphone on Hannah
  • Dress up Relay. Have over sized skirts, socks, necklaces, shoes, sun glasses, shirts, a jacket, and a Hannah Montana wig. Race to see who can get dressed the quickest!
  • Microphone hot potato
  • Hang donuts from the ceiling. Players have to try to eat all of their donut without using their hands!
  • Make a Sidewalk chalk mural
  • Decorate cut out cardboard guitar shapes with stickers and sequins and glitter
  • Do some Face painting and body glitter
  • Musical chairs
  • Have a Hannah Montana dance
  • What's Missing Game. Place several items on a tray or in a purse. You can use a Hannah CD, lip-gloss, fashion accessories etc. Let everyone have a look at the items. Then have one player leave the room. Take an item away. When the player returns they have to guess what's missing?
  • Have some coloring sheets

Hannah Montana Party Food

  • Make your own pizza
  • Hannah Guitar Cake
  • Star shaped sandwiches
  • Pink popcorn (add pink food coloring to melted butter!)
  • Chips
  • Soda

Hannah Montana Cake Shared by Charlotte

Hannah Montana Cake (Shared by Charlotte)

Hannah Montana Party Favors

  • Lip Gloss
  • Hannah photo albums
  • VIP passes
  • Bubbles
  • Hannah Montana Stickers
  • Toy watches
  • Candy bars
  • Hannah Montana Rings
  • Pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Hair elastics
  • Have an Autograph book
  • Hannah Montana calendar
  • Purses
  • Backstage Pass Holder
  • Hannah Montana puzzle
  • Beaded necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Hannah Montana DVD
  • Hannah t-shirts
  • Sunglasses

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