Hippie Car Cake

Hippie Car Cake

Hippie Car Cake

To make this hippie car cake I used the Wilton 3D Cruiser Car cake pan. It was really easy! I mixed up a regular cake mix, I made a yellow cake because I wanted lighter colors for the icing. I covered the pan with the Wilton cake release, but you can just as easily use the Professional Pam spray. I added the cake mix and set it into the oven for the recommended time. The cake cooked perfectly. I tested the cake with a knife (you could use a tooth pick but because the cake was too tall I wanted to make sure it was cooked all the way through). Then I cut the cake bottom flat when it was still in the pan. I then placed the cake onto a cooling rack until it was completely cooled.

I traced the empty cake pan onto a piece of cardboard then I covered the cardboard with tinfoil. After this was covered I placed the cake onto the made cake board. I put some Wilton Piping Gel into a piping bag to make my design on the car. The piping gel has no taste and is a clear / yellow tinge which if you like you could color, but I choose to leave it clear. I drew on the rainbow, peace sign, and flower with the piping gel. This was a great idea because if you do not like the shape you drew you can use a spatula and wipe it off. Next I mixed up the colors of icing I wanted to use and I began icing the cake.

For the windows and licence plate I used tip #5 with a grey icing. I then mixed cornstarch with water in an egg cup. I dipped my finger into the water solution then patted the windows creating a smooth surface. Then I used a # 7 tip to create the peace symbol. I squeezed out the icing and let it expand creating a bubble effect. I used tip #13 for the flower and rainbow. I used tip #16 for the pink portion of the car. Then to finish it off I used tip 18 for the tires. The 3D car cake looked fantastic!

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