Hula Throw

Ages: 5 and older 

Objective: Try a Hula throw and get the ball through the hoop. Each time the hoop gets further and further away.

Players: 4 or more

Materials: Hula Hoop, a ball: choose either a soccer ball or make it harder with a beach ball, ground markers

Rules: This game requires very little planning but is great for a time filler and for competitive people. On the playing area from the starting line, make a mark every few feet out. Use whatever is available for a marker. Pylons works best but even shoes will work. Better yet use different markers for each distance. When the game begins either the host or one of the players goes to the first marker and holds up the hula hoop. Having the same person be the holder is more fair, but that person can get tired. If this is the case hold the hoop with it touching the ground. Once the hoop is in place the first player will then attempt to throw the ball through the hoop. They may throw in any fashion they wish. If he or she is successful then the person holding the hoop moves back to the next marker. This continues until the player misses. Make a note to which marker each player through the ball. The player with the furthest throw wins!