Justin Bieber Party Ideas

Justin Bieber Bithday Party Ideas

Justin Bieber Party Ideas for the ultimate Justin Bieber fan! If you love Justin Bieber, or if you’re a parent of someone who does, why not have a Justin Bieber theme party equipped with Justin Bieber birthday party supplies!

Justin Bieber the teen heart-throb finally has his own line of party supplies. His life is the dream of so many, being discovered on YouTube. He is well rounded, enjoys playing hockey, soccer and chess. He is very musicall and plays the guitar, drums, piano and trumpet. The possibilities of making this the coolest party ever are endless!

Justin Bieber Birthday Party Supplies

Simply decorate your party room with some Justin Bieber supplies! Hang a couple of Justin Bieber posters! The rest of the design will depend on the activities of the party.

Justin Bieber Birthday Party Games
and Activities

  • Play Justin Bieber music and sing along.
  • Set up a real stage and become rock stars yourselves! Record your performance and put it onto YouTube. It is easy to set up a YouTube account.
  • If you're lucky enough, go to a Justin Bieber concert.
  • Watch Justin Bieber’s movie “Never Say Never”.

Justin Bieber Theme Party Food

Serve spaghetti and MacDonald’s food (they are Justin Bieber’s favorites)!

Justin Bieber Birthday Party Favors

  • Justin Bieber poster
  • Justin Bieber Singing Doll
  • Justin Bieber Silly Bands
  • Justin Bieber CD

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